View Full Version : Pathfinder Collection, Wyton

19th July 2020, 22:13
I came across mentions and website of this place. I was wondering if anyone here has been to the Pathfinder Collection at Wyton, are there pathfinder crews photos on display that haven't been seen or published, is it worth a visit ? Any info would be useful in helping me decide wethter or not it is worth a visit.

31st July 2020, 00:28
Looks like no one has been to the PFF collection at RAF Wyton, so after veiwing this clip I found on YT, I decided to contact and request to visit anyways, but, alas it is still closed due to Covid.


1st August 2020, 09:34
I've visited on two occasions. I consider it well worth the visit, but it is a small museum and I wouldn't necessarily drive from the North of Scotland just for that trip alone.

Your queries relating to what resources (photos) are available are best directed to Johnnie Clifford, who runs the place. I know that the museum has unpublished photos, but as to scope and scale, I know not, I'm afraid.



1st August 2020, 10:12
Thanks Jonny, from Scotland would be a fair old hack to Wyton, from Nth London not so bad. I had a reply from J.Clifford to tell me that the museum was still closed, will keep monitoring for a later visit.