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Henk Welting
31st August 2008, 13:19
What caused the death of and/or what were the places of death registration for:

AC1 Douglas C.P. BARTON - 1274578;
AC1 Harry BAXTER - 1051730;
AC2 Robert M. BOWEN - 1010700;
Sgt William T. BROWNE - 527866;
AC1 John DAGGETT - 1358911;
Sgt John W. HARTOP - 617886;
LAC Arthur D. HERON - 647038;
AC1 Charles JONES - 1007732;
AC2 Donald J. MATHIAS - 1022517;
LAC Thomas W. MOSS - 1181045 - 235 Sqn (Bircham Newton, Norfolk), and
LAC Edward WILLIAMS - 634584,
all killed in action (while engaged on non-operational flying duties or on the ground through enemy action [air raid ?]).

Also following airmen whose names couldn't be found in Flight archives:
AC2 Ernest S. BAMPTON - 1313585;
F/Lt Wilfrid M.H. BROOKES - 37846 - 231 Sqn (Newtownards, Co. Down);
AC1 Fred FAULDING - 1358909 - 235 Sqn (Bircham Newton, Norfolk);
AC1 William S. GREEN - 983359;
AC1 Ronald MILLER - 1307087;
AC2 Alec F. PRIOR - 1357325;
Cpl Frederick TAYLOR - 1357517, and
AC2 Allen WAITE - 1027213.

Proposed aircraft losses for this day:

Hurricane I - L1926 - 55 OTU - crashed on landing Ouston.
Reliant - W7982 - 1 CU - crashed in forced landing 1 mile NNW of Brassington, Derbyshire.

Regards and thanks for your help.

31st August 2008, 14:15
Barton registered at Pembroke aged 27
Henry Baxter registered at Pembroke aged 27
Bowen - Abingdon aged 26
Browne not listed - presume it would be in N Ireland
Cant see Daggett
Hartop - Pembroke aged 19
Heron - pembroke aged 20
Jones - Pembroke aged 28
Mathias - Pembroke aged 27
Moss - Pembroke aged 20
Williams - Pembroke aged 21

31st August 2008, 14:24
Bampton - Droxford aged 29
Brookes not registered (that i can see)
Faulding - Pembroke aged 27
Can't see a William S Green
Miller -Pembroke aged 20
Prior committed suicide in Shrewsbury. He was serving at RAF Pembrey and was on leave in Shrewsbury.
Taylor - Pembroke aged 37
Waite registered in Northumberland C. aged 19

So it looks like some sort of air raid for all the Pembroke casualties.

Cheers, Tom

31st August 2008, 14:58

From 'The Blitz, Then and Now'

Monday April 14/15

"..Another attack, also most probably by an anti shipping aircraft, was made on Carew Cheriton airfield where a sick bay was hit killing 11 airmen. Almost certainly this attack was the work of an He111 of II/KG27"



Henk Welting
1st September 2008, 11:15
Thanks Dave and Tom for this excellent info. As ever very much appreciated.

1st September 2008, 17:52
AC2 Waite was with 15 EFTS at the time of his death, below are the entries from the ORB relating to him.

April 13th 1941, “1027213 – AC2 Waite, A. accidentally shot.”
April 15th 1941, “AC2 Waite died in Hospital at Morpeth.”

Henk Welting
2nd September 2008, 11:09
Thanks Al for this additional info on Waite.

27th October 2009, 11:21
All these Pembroke men were listed as Killed on Active Service, NOT Killed in Action.
June 12th magazine

> AC1 Douglas C.P. BARTON - Pembroke aged 27;
> AC1 Harry BAXTER - Pembroke aged 27;
> Sgt John W. HARTOP - Pembroke aged 19;
> LAC Arthur D. HERON - Pembroke aged 20;
> AC1 Charles JONES - Pembroke aged 20;
> AC2 Donald J. MATHIAS - Pembroke aged 27;
> LAC Thomas W. MOSS - Pembroke aged 20- Initials T W C on Flight magazine,
> LAC Edward WILLIAMS - Pembroke aged 21 ,
AC1 Fred FAULDING - Pembroke aged 27- 235 Sqn (Bircham Newton, Norfolk);
Cpl Frederick TAYLOR - Pembroke aged 37, his serial is given as 1357526 in Flight magazine and CWGC
AC1 Ronald MILLER - Pembroke aged 20;
> AC1 John DOGGETT - name spelling error above; Pembroke District age 31

> Sgt William T. BROWNE - Not in Eng/Wal; KOAS, not KIA. This is the date for one of the raids on Belfast.
F/Lt Wilfrid M.H. BROOKES - not found- 231 Sqn (Newtownards, Co. Down); Possible Belfast casualty also, not listed in same casualty list as W T Browne. I can't find him at all.
Neither of their names appear to turn up in Scotland either.

> AC2 Robert M. BOWEN - Abingdon aged 26; he is listed as DOAS not KIA

AC1 William S. GREEN - ; DOAS in May 22nd magazine, there is a William Green age 21 registered in West Cheshire district, in that Quarter, possibly him. He is buried in Cheshire

I also can't find these men in Flight archives
AC2 Ernest S. BAMPTON - Droxford aged 29;
AC2 Alec F. PRIOR - Shrewsbury;
AC2 Allen WAITE - Northumberland C. aged 19.

Henk Welting
27th October 2009, 20:13
This will keep me busy for a while. It's dark and late; move to soccer on TV.
Thanks Dennis and regards,

1st June 2013, 10:34
Sgt William T. BROWNE was killed in the big raid on Belfast on April 15, at 22 Walton Street, along with his mother Annie Browne.

phill jones
1st June 2013, 16:20
15/4/41, Hurricane L1926 55 OTU

Ran off Runway and tipped Over Ousten 984084 Sgt A Gilbert Uninjured

Source 55OTU ORB

Phill Jones

Note the 1180 Has 984584 as Gilberts service No

1st June 2013, 18:37

Re: Gilbert/55 OTU:

984584 (117784) Alan GILBERT RAFVR



8th April 2014, 15:25
using the new Northern Ireland GRO database (slightly annoying interface)

Wilfred Brookes (that spelling) has a death cert in Belfast District for this date.

Deric Brock
28th March 2015, 23:40
Hello All,

The following airmen were all killed when the sickbay at RAF Carew Cheriton received a direct hit in an early morning bombing raid on April 15th 1941.

AC2. D.C.P. Barton.
AC1. H. Baxter.
AC1. J. Doggett.
AC1. F. Faulding.
SGT. J.W. Hartop.
LAC. A.D. Heron.
AC1. C. Jones.
AC2. D.C. Mathias.
AC1. R. Millar.
LAC. T.W.C. Moss.
CPL. F. Taylor.
LAC. E. Williams.


Deric Brock.

13th September 2015, 23:48
Confirmed in 231 Sqn ORB that:

16 Apr 1941 "it was learned that Flt/Lt M Brookes had been killed in the previous nights air raid in BELFAST."

It also states that 13 'soldiers' were killed at Newtonwards airfield in the raid. And 13 more injured.

30th September 2017, 14:36

AC1 William S. GREEN - 983359 - the Liverpool Evening Express of April 25th 1941 carried the following short snippet:

Aircraftman (1st Class) William Stephen Green, aged 21, a ground gunner in the R.A.F., of Upton Drive, Chester, whose death is announced while on active service. He is an old boy of Love Street Central School.