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Henk Welting
2nd September 2008, 14:16
What caused the death of and/or what were the places of death registration for:

AC1 Denis EARNSHAW - 631813 - 214 Sqn (Stradishall, Suffolk) - not found Flight archives;
AC1 Gordon M. ENDSOR - 987651 - not found Flight archives;
F/Sgt (Pilot) Jack PROCTOR - 741471 - 5 FTS, and
LAC Fred TAYLOR - 1006784 - 5 FTS.

Typed ORB for 5 FTS: Proctor and Taylor fatally injured in flying accident 16th (!) April, what may be incorrect. Both airmen also mentioned in my thread on unaccounted airmen 16-4-1941.

Proposed aircraft losses for this day:

Magister I - L8328 - 15 EFTS - spun into ground SW of Carlisle.
Magister I - T9701 - 5 EFTS - crashed on overshoot Meir.
Master I - N7823 - 5 FTS - flew into ground Ternhill, Shropshire.
Master I - T8821 - 8 FTS - crashed on landing Grangemouth.
Master I - T8876 - 5 FTS - damaged byond repair in accident; no further details.

Regards and thanks for your help.

2nd September 2008, 16:56

The 5 FTS ORB is at it again, no accidents logged on the 18th or 19th but there are 2 recorded on the 20th.

April 20th 1941, “1365042 LAC R.P. Yellowlees and 1960863 LAC C.P.W. Sampson
received fatal injuries in a flying accident.”
April 20th 1941, “1299894 Sgt Vanderbos was fatally injured in a flying accident.”
April 23rd 1941, “Lt Col Wouters, Belgian Air Attaches visited Tern Hill to attend the funeral
of Sgt C.J.G. Vanderbos who was killed in a flying accident.”

The 15 EFTS accident appears to have been non-fatal.

April 18th 1941, “L8328 – LAC Kibort – crashed 1 mile N.W. Southwaite Station, due to
aerobatics at low height.”

Same with the 5 EFTS accident.

April 18th 1941, “C Flight, LAC Cole, lost, forced landed at Bradley Park, Ashbourne. D
Flight, LAC Woodley, A.E., crashed into tree on aerodrome boundary due to landing down
wind at end of cross country flight.”

I can't find anything in my records for the two Aircraftmen.



Andy Ingham
2nd September 2008, 17:23
Dennis Earshaw age 19 death registered at Newmarket.
Gordon M Endsor age 27 death registered at Bucklow, Cheshire.

2nd September 2008, 18:02
I'm afraid that 5 FTS ORB gets less detailed for accidents as the years go by!

Proctor and Taylor were indeed killed on N7823 when it lost height during a right hand turn at 500 feet in the circuit and came down at Stoke on Tern. They were both killed instantly.

G J Vanderbos (as mentioned by Alan) was killed in similar circumstances two nights later in Master T8824

Yellowlees and Sampson were in Master N7490 at Tarporley in Cheshire.

Cheers, Tom

Henk Welting
3rd September 2008, 11:08
Al, Andy & Tom, thanks for all your useful help. Four more off the list !
Best regards,

27th October 2009, 17:56
G M Endsor is listed DOAS june 26th 1941 magazine

Also cannot find Earnshaw

Henk Welting
27th October 2009, 19:44
You keep me busy Dennis; thanks.


31st October 2009, 19:07
Hi Henk

I have Earnshaw registered in Newmarket, Cambrigeshire


8th June 2021, 14:54
Denis Earnshaw 631813 , died of self inflicted injuries

14th April 2022, 22:56
Denis Earnshaw 631813 , died at RAF Stradishall of a self inflicted gun shot wound

22nd August 2023, 17:23
Gordon Marshall Endsor 987651 | along with AC2 H. Duxbury 1054141, were changing the airscrew on Leopard Moth X9385 in Number 4 hangar at RAF Ringway at 10:45 Hours when the engine started as they fitted the new propellor, throwing it off and into the airmen. Both were injured, Endsor suffered a fractured skull and multiple injures and died at 11:45 Hours. It was found that the magneto had been left on and live after a recent routine inspection