View Full Version : Mediterranean Air War vol 5

Alex Smart
18th October 2020, 19:39
Mediterranean Air War vol 5
Hopefully out for May 2021 so I understand.

27th October 2020, 10:35
Vol 5 is planned to include the main tactical operations over Italy until the end of hostilities at the start of May 1945.

Will also include the formation and activities of the Balkan Air Force and operations during the invasion of the South of France.

So we just wait ))))

Alex Smart
28th April 2021, 21:23
Hi, any news of the availability of vol 5 yet .

Alex Smart
23rd November 2022, 03:19
Anyone have anything on volume 6 yet ?

23rd November 2022, 13:43
Alex is it best to start a new thread for Vol 6?
I think the writers/Grub Street usually report on progress with MAW on Stone & Stone. The last entry I can see states November 2023.