View Full Version : Halifax MZ981 form 644 Squadron

12th March 2021, 18:15
I search information on Halifax MZ981 crashed in France in Pyrénées. On an old RAF command forum a post was created about this plane. A user called Greg wrote on 03-jun-06 at 12:52 PM
"i've got the form 1180 on the microfilm reader on front of me as i type this"
I search this user or a copy of this form.
I search more informations specialy about cause of the crash and also reasons for the altitude less than common altitude.
Perhaps there is this information on form 1180....

Thank you very much

Luc Vervoort
12th March 2021, 21:08
Hello Bernard31,

Perhaps you can find it on this excellent website


Best regards and stay safe


13th March 2021, 18:13
Great ! Amazing site !! I got it Thank you very much
Best regards from France

22nd April 2023, 15:08
Good morning,

You will find below a link allowing you to access the flight plan of the aircraft as well as details of the crash

Good readingand best regards from France !