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29th May 2021, 01:00
BLACK, James Bruce Robertson, Master Navigator (1251740) - No.98 Squadron, British Air Forces of Occupation - Air Force Cross - awarded as per London Gazette dated 8 June 1950. Recommended when he had flown 1,514 hours, 545 on current duties, 91 in previous six months. Text from Air 2/10073, found by Pavel Vancata.

Master Navigator Black is a highly competent navigator who has serve with No.98 (Mosquito) Squadron for three and a half years. During this period he has flown a total of 545 hours. One of the commitments of the Mosquito squadron is to carry out a daily meteorological ascent. This flight is very seldom omitted and, it is understood that it makes a valuable contribution to the meteorological organization. Master Navigator Black has completed 79 of these ascents, which involve flying with a variety of pilots in all types of weather. The work done by the two Mosquito squadrons on meteorological work has been of a very high order and the example set by Master Navigator Black has had a considerable bearing on the results achieved. These flights call for a high degree of skill and confidence in the navigator. Master Navigator Black also holds the Squadron Night Bombing record. His keenness and willingness to fly with any pilot, however inexperienced, has been an example to the station, and his air of quiet confidence in all situations has, undoubtedly, been of great reassurance to the young and inexperienced pilots with whom he has flown. Master Navigator Black has made a notable contribution to the flying efficiency of the Command. His loyalty to the service and his devotion to duty have been of the highest order.

TOPP, Roger Leslie, F/L (166654) - No.98 Squadron, Station Celle, British Air Forces of Occupation - Air Force Cross - awarded as per London Gazette dated 8 June 1950 - Recommended when he had flown 1,266 hours, 644 on current duties, 196 in previous six months. Text from Air 2/10073, found by Pavel Vancata.

Flight Lieutenant Topp has been a member of No.98 (Mosquito) Squadron since November 1947, and since August 1949 he has been acting as Officer Commanding the Station Flight. Since November 1947 this officer has flown 640 hours on Mosquito and Oxford aircraft of which nearly 200 hours have been flown in the past six months. While serving in 98 Squadron Flight Lieutenant Topp carried out 36 meteorological ascents, many of which had to be undertaken in extremely arduous weather conditions. Nevertheless, nothing deterred him from carrying out his duty of obtaining vital weather information. As Officer Commanding Station Flight, he has not only built up a very efficient Unit and shown excellent ability and keenness as a pilot, but he has displayed good powers of command and leadership. With the introduction of the Operational Conversion Course from Mosquito Mark 6's to Mosquito Mark 35's, this officer has had to shoulder even more responsibility. In the absence of a Qualified Flying Instructor on this station, Flight Lieutenant Topp has undertaken the task of converting and training new crews. This has necessitated giving dual instruction by day and night throughout the period in command of the Flight. He has been the only Qualified Instrument Rating Examiner on the Station and, as such, has been entirely responsible for the instrument testing and rating of all Squadron pilots. The fact that all pilots on this Station have been rated, reflects great credit on this officer’s ability. He has undertaken all the varying flying tasks, which have called for high moral courage and leadership, together with all the other duties of a Junior Officer, in a most loyal and cheerful manner. By his high example and devotion to duty he has instilled confidence, and gained the respect of all ranks on the Station.