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30th May 2021, 17:58
On my shelves I have the Lancaster File, Halifax File, Stirling File, Hampden File and I think also the Whitley File but no WELLINGTON File ?? Is there a Wellington File ?

I tried googling it but didn.t have much luck. I'm desperate for a source to help me ID all Wellingtons which served with 57 Squadron, any pointers gratefully received.

I'd buy a copy this afternoon if anybody can point me towards one.
thanks to all

31st May 2021, 14:32
Sorry to say there was no Wellington file.
I guess you would have to purchase all the separate AB serial books to pick out the Wellington info....

1st June 2021, 09:05
There is no Wellington File

Some Wellington File Movement Cards here


2nd June 2021, 17:55
Thanks Gents
An opportunity there for somebody I'd say. Approx 11,460 aircraft built I believe and used on all fronts in a wide range of roles.
cheers Pete

20th June 2021, 16:43
No Wellington File, but there was a Wellington Crash Log 1937-1942 published by David J.Smith copies can be found on ebay etc now and then. For some reason Dave only produced this one volume.

20th June 2021, 21:21
As I have not seen any of these books, what are they about, a listing of all serial numbers, or service histories ? I ask because I note the 'Lancaster file' , but having recently got the 'Avro Lancaster- The Definitive Record' 2nd edition -Holmes, I cannot imagine anything better and more detailed than that book.

20th June 2021, 23:44
So there are about 20 AB serials book that one needs to acquire . to get a complete listing


andy wis
4th July 2021, 16:26
A good place to start would be the RAFWEB site which has a listing of 57 Sqn Wellingtons. It’s author is Malcolm_raf of this site….

5th July 2021, 17:58
Many thanks Gents
I shall check Malcolm's listing out, I'm a member there, thank you Andy

Alex Smart
14th July 2021, 18:07
Have you tried ebay ?
Sometimes there are "Crash File's" such as Halifax
Whitley and Mosquito recently

19th July 2021, 17:32
Thanks Alex I do have all of those
I was just surprised that nobody had done a Wellington file and needed to make sure I hadnt missed out if there was one.
cheers Pete