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11th June 2021, 17:58
THORNE, Neil Currie, F/L (154447, RAFVR) - No.202 Squadron - Air Force Cross - awarded as per London Gazette dated 1 January 1948. Recommendation found in Air 2/9816 by Pavel Vancata; drafted when he had flown 1,028 hours, 321 on current duties, 150 in previous six months.

Flight Lieutenant Thorne has been employed continuously on long range Meteorological sorties in No.518, 519 and 202 Squadrons since November 1945. During this time he has had to return to base with one engine out of action on no less than six occasions. In spite of this, his enthusiasm for his task has remained unaltered and he has set a fine example to the less experienced captains in the squadron. On the last occasion on 1st May 1947, whilst engaged on a “Bismith II", sortie, the port inner propellor of his aircraft broke off and struck the nose, severely injuring the Wireless Operator and Flight Engineer. Flight Lieutenant Thorne flew the damaged aircraft back to base, a distance of some 500 miles, and made a good landing there with no Air Speed Indicator or brakes. The fine airmanship displayed by this officer on this occasion undoubtedly saved the aircraft and crew. Flight Lieutenant Thorne’s determnation and keenness have been an inspiration to his crew and he has proved himself an outstanding captain of aircraft.