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16th June 2021, 03:00
These read suspiciously like early RAF electronic spy operations.

FIELD, Percy, F/L (51963) - Central Signals Establishment, Watton - Air Force Cross - awarded as per London Gazette dated 2 January 1950. Recommendation found by Pavel Vancata in Air 2/10073. Drafted when he had flown 1,384 hours, 661 on current duties, 116 in previous six months.

For the past three years, Flight Lieutenant Field has been employed on flying duties in the Research and Development Squadron of the Central Signals Establishment. He displayed such consummate skill as a pilot that during the entire period he was assessed as exceptional, not only on Mosquito aircraft but also on the four-engined aircraft of the squadron. During this period he attempted and successfully completed two special flights in a Mosquito over the Baltic Sea, on both occasions demonstrating his exceptional ability as a pilot and navigator in addition to exhibiting the greatest resource and imitative whilst flying over an area so remote from any Royal Air Force base. On each occasion the entire crew consisted of only two officers, Flight Lieutenant Field acting as pilot, navigator and flight engineer, whilst the other officer was fully occupied with the special signals equipment in the aircraft. In both these operations he displayed a personal ability and bravery of a standard not often required other than during a war. His less spectacular hours in the air have been devoted to the flying of aircraft used for the development and the perfection of numerous electronic inventions, some of which have recently earned exceptionally well merited praise during recent air exercises in which aircraft of the Central Signals Establishment have taken part. Throughout every hour in the air, whether spent in routine flying or otherwise, he has always displayed an extremely high sense of duty and devotion worthy of the highest traditions of the Royal Air Force.

KITCHENER, Arthur William, Signaller II (412112) - No.90 Group, Central Signals Establishment, Watton - Air Force Medal - awarded as per London Gazette dated 2 January 1950. Recommendation in Air 2/10307, found by Pavel Vancata; he had flown 463 hours, 391 on current duties, 85 in previous six months.

For the past three years Signaler II Kitchener has been employed on special operator aircrew duties with the Research and Development Squadron of the Central Signals Establishment. During his period he has been closely associated with airborne radio investigation work and he has carried out his duties with such enthusiasm and intense fervour that he is, without doubt, the most highly skilled and competent airman employed on these duties in the Royal Air Force. He has successfully completed twelve special investigation flights, including the first postwar flight of this nature. On these missions, the importance of which needs no emphasis, he has shown the most commendable and exceptional resource and initiative in the through execution of his work, and in the compilation of his reports. The excellence of his special knowledge, his intelligence and his ability have ensured that in every instance, the information obtained has been of the greatest value to those concerned with this aspect of the work of the Central Signals Establishment. In operating both British and non-British radio equipment, he always displays a consummate skill which is the more remarkable in that it includes not only straightforward transmitters and receivers, but the most intricate forms of the oscilloscope, frequency readers and recorders, the operating of which necessitates a comprehensive knowledge not only of radio but also of photography. Another, if less spectacular aspect of his work is that associated with the air testing of prototype radio equipment developed by the Research Squadron of the Central Signals Establishment. His comprehensive knowledge and technical ability have always elicitated the highest praise from the technical and scientific officers concerned with the airborne experiments of these equipments. Signaler II Kitchener’s work as a special operator has been invaluable and his superbly high sense of duty, devotion and skill are an example to all who work with him.