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30th June 2021, 23:11
BAUGH, Norman Lee, F/O (43524) - Hong Kong - Military Cross - awarded as per London Gazette dated 18 August 1942. Not sure with what squadron he would have been associated. General citation only in Gazette. Original citation in Air 2/5684 courtesy of Phil Listemann.

Owing to the destruction of aircraft at Kai Tak at the outbreak of hostilities, this officer was unable to operate against the Japanese. He assisted in the land defences of Hong Kong until the surrender of the garrison on 25th December 1941. On transfer to the Sham Shui Po prisoner of war camp he commenced to plan an escape with Major Munro, Royal Artillery and Captain Trevor, Hong Kong Volunteers. At 2320 hours on 1st February 1942, the party escaped by swimming, pushing before them a small raft of firewood with clothing and food supplies. They landed at 0200 hours on 2nd February 1942, and started to walk on a Northerly course. During the succeeding days they hid by day and walked by night. Owing to exhaustion, bad weather and the slippery surface of the steep inclines they found the going very hard. On 5th February 1942, they ran into bandits who stole some of their possessions but provided with a meal and a guide across the New Territories border. At Kounan Market they stayed some time with Chinese guerillas until they learned that Wai Chow was free of Japanese. On 12th February 1942 they proceeded to Wai Chow and from there onwards to Kunming . They met with no real obstacles, although they suffered much from the conditions. They left Kunming for Calcutta by air on 1st April 1942. The party showed great determination in leaving the comparative safety of the prisoner of war camp to face the unknown hazards of the mainland and a journey of some 2,000 miles of Chinese territory.

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