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Compiled with help from Pavel Vancata. Not complete above OBE level. Citations available on request.


ADDERLEY, Michael Charles, SL, AFC - Farnborough - RAF
LYNE, Michael Dillon, SL, AFC - 54 Squadron - RAF
SCOTT, Roy Charles Edwin, WC, AFC - Transport Command Exam Unit - RAF


BALDWIN, John Robert, WC, DSO, DFC - AAEE Boscombe Down - RAF
BEVAN, John Francis Massy, FL - 15 Elementary Flying Training School - RAF
BOWRING, Robert Thornley, FL - 1382 Transport Conversion Unit - RAF
CABLE, Frederick John, SL - Airborne Forces Experimental Establishment - RAF
CARTER, George Herbert, FO - 247 Sqn - RAF
CAMPBELL, Donald Sinclair, Acting Warrant Officer - 3 Parachute Training School, Chaklala - RAF
CAMPBELL, Ian Robert, SL - Central Photo Establishment - RAF
DALE, Arthur Ernest, WC, DFM - 3 Flying Training School - RAF
FOSTER, Welsh, FL, DFM - Royal Aeronautical Establishment, Farnborough - RAF
GALLAGHER, William, FL, MVO - 24 Squadron - RAF
HIGGINS, James Stewart, S/L, DFC - 52 Squadron - RAF
HOMES, Cecil Jack, FL - 22 Service Flying Training School - RAF
HOFFMAN, William Frederick, FL - 3 Glider Training School - RAFVR
HUBBARD, Stanley John, FL, DFC - 78 Squadron - RAFVR
JAMES, Edgar, S/L, DFC - Empire Flying School - RAF
JONES, Richard Ian, WC - 4 Squadron, BAFO - RAF
JUKES, Geoffrey, FO - Communication Flight, Khormaksar - RAFVR
KIRKWOOD-HACKETT, Charles Francis, FL - 84 Group Communication Squadron - RAF
LLOYD, Alfred, FL - 82 Squadron - RAF
MAJOR, Jack Ewart, FL - British Air Forces of Occupation - RAFVR
MEYER, Thomas Hermangild, FL - AHQ India - RAFVR
MORRISON, William John Oliver, FO - Cottesmore - RAFVR
ORR, Stanley Gordon, Lieutenant - AAEE, Boscombe Down - Royal Navy
PINCKARD, John Hubert, FL - AAEE, Boscombe Down - RAF
RAMSEY, Frederick Norman, FL - Central Bomber Establishment - RAF
RIVALANT, Jacques Emile Leon, FL - 216 Squadron - RAFVR
ROWLAND, Peter, FO - 230 Operational Conversion Unit - RAF
SHAW, David Arnott, FL, DFC - 4 Ferry Pool - RAFVR
STEPHENSON, Anthony Derek George, SL, DFC - 4 Ferry Pool - RAF
THORNE, Neil Currie, FL - 202 Squadron - RAFVR
THORNICROFT, Eric Franklin, SL - Air Command Far East - RAF
WALMSLEY, Ronald Vincent Yates, FL - 20 Maintenance Unit - RAF
WELCH, Eric Michael, Lieutenant, DFC - AAEE, Boscombe Dpwn - Royal Navy


RATTENBURY, Millicent Clara, Acting Matron - RAF Hospital Halton - PMRAFNS


ADAM, John, Flight Sergeant - 236 Operational Conversion Unit - RAF
ARCHER, Joseph Kenneth, Flight Sergeant - 5 Hygiene and Malaria Control Unit - RAF
BLANEY, Margaret, Sergeant - * Station Locking - WAAF
CALLOW, Reginald Charles, Sergeant - Empire Radio School, Debden - RAFVR
CAMPBELL, Margaret Emma, Sergeant - 1 Air Navigation School, Topcliffe - WAAF
COBBIN, Leonard Lewin, Sergeant - Uxbridge - RAF
COOPER, Herbert William, Flight Sergeant - 249 Squadron - RAF
COSH, Basil Leslie, Sergeant - 28 Squadron, Tengah - RAF
CRAWFORD, Maurice, Flight Sergeant - Scampton, USA Mission - RAF
DANIEL, Reginald Mark, Flight Sergeant - BAFO Police Unit - RAF
FLEMING, Robert, Flight Sergeant - 209 Squadron, Seletar - RAF
FROST, Victor George, Sergeant - Air Attache Staff, Guatemala - RAF
GREET, Stuart Benjamin, Flight Sergeant - BAFO Police Unit - RAFVR
HARRISON, Theodore Edward John, Corporal - Old Sarum - RAF
HARTLEY, Jack, Flight Sergeant - Empire Air Navigation School - RAF
HINDES, Gwendoline Mabel, Acting Sergeant - 16 Maintenance Unit - WAAF
HUNT, Maurice, Acting Corporal - 90 Maintenance Unit, Warton - RAF
KETTLE, Charles Albert Frederick, Flight Sergeant - 8 Squadron, Aden - RAF
LEONARD, Stanley, Flight Sergeant - Station Mauripur, India - RAF
NORSTER, Harold, Flight Sergeant - 110 Squadron, Kai Tak - RAF
NURSE, Stanley Charles, Acting Flight Sergeant - Polish Resettlement Corps (RAF) - RAF
PAYNE, John Charles, Flight Sergeant - Khartoum - RAF
SMALLFIELD, John Williamson, Flight Sergeant - 1 Parachute Training School - RAF
SMITH, Nancy, Sergeant - 47 Group, Transport Command - WAAF
SUMMERS, Arthur Thomas, Flight Sergeant - Fighter Command Comm Sqn - RAF
TRAVERS, Rex, Flight Sergeant - Mingaladon - RAF
TROTT, George Edward, Flight Sergeant - Air Ministry - RAF
TURVEY, John, Flight Sergeant - 1 School of Technical Training - RAF


LYDFORD, Harold Thomas, Air Vice-Marshal, CBE, AFC- Aden - RAF


ADAMSON, James Rose Watson, ASL - 66 (Scottish Reserve) Group - RAFVR
AULT, Leslie, Warrant Officer - El Hamra, Middle East - RAF
BALL, May Eliza, Acting Matron, ARRC - Haltom, Technical Training Command - PMRAFNS
CARR, William George, AFL - Air Command Far East HQ - RAF
COAKES, Edward Samuel Robert, SL - BC Air Forces HQ Japan - RAF
DE SOUZA, Sydney Alfred John, Warrant Officer - ATDU, Gosport - RAF
EVANS, Arthur, Warrant Officer - Transport Command - RAF
GOLDSWORTHY, William Alfred George, SL - 3 Maintenance Unit, Milton - RAF
HARTLEY, Ralph Edward, Warrant Officer - AMSO - RAF
HARVEY, Christine Charlotte, Acting Flight Officer - Leeming WAAF
HARVEY, Thomas, FL, MB, Ch.B - Cottesmore - RAFVR
HORSFALL, Thomas, Warrant Officer - Central Bomber Establishment - RAF
HUXLEY, Hugh Esmor, FL - 90 Group HQ - RAFVR
LAMB, Gwendoline Mary, Section Officer - 46 Group HQ, Transport Command - WAAF
LYDDIATT, George William Arthur, Warrant Officer - 4 Sqn, British Forces of Occupation - RAF
OWEN, Mervyn, AFL - India, Base Accounts Office - RAF
OXSPRING, John Harold Parker, ASL - 63 Reserve Group - RAFVR
SHEPPARD, William Charles, Warrant Officer - Ambala, Royal Indian Air Force - RAF
SIRMAN, George William, Warrant Officer - Technical Training Command HQ - RAF
STOLTZ, Frederick Arthur Vernon, FL - 6211 Bomber Defence Flight, BFO - RAF


BLAKE, Harold Gordon, WC - RAF Central Photo Establishment - RAF
COLBECK-WELCH, Edward Lawrence, AGC, DFC - Air Ministry - RAF
CONAN DOYLE, Jean Lena Annette, Acting Wing Officer - 28 Group Headquarters - WAAF
DAVISON, John Tregonwell, WC, GM - Empire Flying School - RNZAF
HALL, John Frederick, WC - 41 Group HQs. Maintenance Command - RAF
HAZELL, Cuther Caumont, G/C - Air Ministry - RAF
KENDALL, Alec Baden, WC, MBE - Scampton - RAF
MARRIOTT, Stanley John, AWC - Air Headquarters, Italy - RAF
MARSHALL, Glendor Godfrey Nicholas, AWC, MBE - 305 Maintenance Unit - RAF
MCKENNA, Francis Peter, ASL - BAFO Police Unit - RAF
MORRIS, George Samuel, ASL - 1382 Transport Conversion Unit - RAF
PHILLIPS, Arthur Harry, ASL - 62 (Southern Reserve) Group - RAFVR
ROLFE, Theodore Urquhart, WC - Washington - RAF
SCOTT, Douglas George, WC - Maintenance Command Headquarters - RAF
SOMERHOUGH, Anthony George Carl, AGC, MBE - JAG War Crimes - RAF


WALKER, Catherine, Matron, RRC - RAF Hospital Bridgenorth - PMRAFNS

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I would be grateful for the citations for the following if at all possible.

CABLE, Frederick John, SL - Airborne Forces Experimental Establishment - RAF
CAMPBELL, Donald Sinclair, Acting Warrant Officer - 3 Parachute Training School, Chaklala - RAF
HOFFMAN, William Frederick, FL - 3 Glider Training School - RAFVR

SMALLFIELD, John Williamson, Flight Sergeant - 1 Parachute Training School - RAF

SMALLFIELD, John Williamson, Flight Sergeant - 1 Parachute Training School - RAF

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CABLE, Frederick John, A/S/L (89581) - Airborne Forces Experimental Establishment, Beaulieu - Air Force Cross – awarded as per London Gazette dated 1 January 1948. Drafted when he had flown 1,629 hours, 305 on present duties, 764 with Ministry of Supply. Found in Public Record Office Air 2/9816 by Pavel Vancata.

Squadron Leader Cable is now officer commanding the Helicopter Flight at the Airborne Forces Experimental Establishment. He has been employed, during his six and a half years service in the Royal Air Force, entirely on flying Rotary Wing Aircraft. His knowledge of and ability to fly helicopters is outstanding and second to none in the Royal Air Force and probably in Great Britain. For the last two and a half years, he has been employed at this unit as a test pilot on helicopter research and development - a task which he has engaged with exceptional enthusiasm and skill. Squadron Leader Cable has been untiring in his efforts to perfect experimental work on this type of aircraft. The duties he has performed during his service include Calibration experimental duties (60 Group), Anti-submarine trials, Rotary wing instruction and research and development at Airborne Forces Experimental Establishment. His logbook assessments are all “exceptional”.

CAMPBELL, Donald Sinclair, Acting Warrant Officer (541331) - No.3 Parachute Training School, Chaklala, India - Air Force Cross - awarded as per London Gazette dated 1 January 1948. Recommendation found in Air 2/9816 by Pavel Vancata.

This Non-Commissioned Officer is School Warrant Officer. He has given exceptionally meritorious service since the end of the war. During the difficult time of the nationalisation of No.3 Parachute Training School, a process which had to be carried out in conjunction with the School’s normal commitments, Warrant Officer Campbell showed a devotion to duty which was unsurpassed. The high standard of parachute training which has been reached and maintained at the school has been largely due to the excellent example set by Warrant Officer Campbell who has himself completed 160 parachute descents. This Non-Commissioned Officer’s courage, tact and excellent leadership are in keeping with the highest traditions of the Royal Air Force and have played a large part in the efficient and smooth running of No.3 Parachute Training School.

HOFFMAN, William Frederick, F/L (150015, RAFVR) - No.3 Glider Training School - Air Force Cross - awarded as per London Gazette dated 1 January 1948. Recommendation in Air 2/9816, courtesy of Pavel Vancata, drafted when he had flown 1,585 hours, 1,330 on current duties, 92 in previous six months.

Flight Lieutenant Hoffman in his position as Flight Commander at No.3 Glider Training School has consistently seized every opportunity of carrying out the most hazardous tests in the air. He has completed a considerable amount of flying under instrument conditions and has also been responsible for the instrument weather testing of numerous other pilots. He has set a splendid example to his junior officers and his conscientious efforts and loyalty have benefitted his unit and the Royal Air Force to a considerable extent during the period commencing April 1947.

SMALLFIELD, John Williamson, Flight Sergeant (546053) - No.1 Parachute Training School - British Empire Medal - awarded as per London Gazette dated 1 January 1948. Recommendation in Air 2/9816, courtesy of Pavel Vancata.

This NCO has been with No.1 Parachute Training School since August 1942, and has made122 parachute descents. He has received injuries to his back on two occasions, yet, despite this , he has carried on parachuting. Flight Sergeant Smallfield has given most valuable services during this period. His loyalty, devotion to duty and willingness to accept extra duties have set a fine example to the rest of the instructors and have had a steadying influence during this period of flux caused by constant changes in staff owing to demobilization.

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