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5th August 2021, 13:53
Pleased to announce the publication of my new book North Atlantic Crossroads: The Royal Air Force Ferry Command Gander Unit, 1940-1946.

Rear cover blurb: "Gander was a bustling hub of aviation during the Second World War as thousands of bombers passed through on their way to Britain. In North Atlantic Crossroads, the challenges and hazards of transatlantic ferrying come alive. Tales of search and rescue, aircraft salvage, medevac missions, and VIP visits highlight the activities of the Ferry Command Gander unit, notably the work of its aircraft maintenance department, headed by the incomparable John Joseph “Joe” Gilmore. Postwar, the boom in commercial air travel transformed Gander, setting the airport on its way to becoming the crossroads of the North Atlantic."

Contains fifty photos, more than 600 endnotes, bibliography, and index.

Available at:


For more details and contact information visit: https://crossroadsoftheworld.ca/

Thanks, and all the best!

Darrell Hillier

27th August 2021, 20:45
Darrell’s book is a ‘must’ for anyone interested in RAF Ferry Command and what it took to establish and maintain Gander as a key departure point for thousands of vital transatlantic ferry flights. Filled with local anecdotes, trials and triumphs, it's the perfect what-it-was-to-be-there complement to Ocean Bridge.