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13th October 2021, 15:24
I am trying to find the record book for 26 OTU (based at RAF Wing but also flew from Cheddington Aerodrome). Specifically covering events that occurred during January 1941. Any clues/tips please?

Smith 565
22nd October 2021, 16:55
At The National Archives in Kew. ORBs for OTUs have not yet been digitised, so you would need to visit.

Reference is AIR29/669 and the description says: '26 Operational Training Unit (OTU). Formed at Wing (UK) in November 1941. Contains a copy of the handbook 'So This Is Wing' (an introduction to the station's surroundings and facilities) and two editions of 'Target' (a review of current affairs and topics). Includes photographs of a military parade at Wing, an arts and crafts exhibition and interior views of the Intelligence Library. With appendices.'

It covers the period November 1941 - April 1946, which seems at odds with the date you have mentioned.

Good luck!


31st October 2021, 08:56
Thanks Geoff, you are very correct - 26 OTU didn't join till November '41.

I am specifically looking to see if there is a record of an incident that occurred on 13 January 1941, where a bomb dropped onto a school where I live. No children died but a teacher did.

The majority of locals say that it was a German bomb, but one or two, as well as a researcher, suggest that it was an RAF bomb that accidentally dropped.

The researcher even goes so far to say that he has seen paperwork, from the National Archives, of an official RAF apology for the incident (and that it was from 26OTU but that can't be right).

I suppose I am after an incident record then?

Smith 565
1st November 2021, 19:32
It would probably be helpful if you gave fuller details of the incident and what evidence, or information, you already have.

There is almost certainly an answer to this. The journey to find it will be made easier with known facts.


3rd November 2021, 09:41
All I have is the date and location, nothing more. The rest is anecdotal from locals or this researcher