View Full Version : 3rd 1,000 Bomber Raid: Bremen 25/06/42

19th September 2008, 15:50
Hi all,

I've been researching my Grandad's RAF History (F/Lt Ken Bass - 206 Squadron) with findings to date at...


I'm interested in any information surrounding the 3rd 1,000 Bomber Raid: Bremen 25/06/42, espcially any photographs linked to it of crews, Hudson aircrafts or the raid itself

Particularly interested in a photograph that appears in 'Naught Escape Us' by Peter Gunn (page 51 bottom right) which looks like it was taken of the 206 Squadron members just prior to the raid - I'm sure my Grandad will be on it

- My Grandad piloted Hudson T9463 'R' on the raid
- Jack Farley was a WOp/AG in Hudosn AM785 'C' on the raid

Does anyone have any information on this or any idea how I could get my hands on the photograph in question?

Thanks in advance for any interest!