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18th January 2022, 16:43
Another interesting comparison of published citation vs. original recommendation.

LEE, Patrick Henry, Acting Wing Commander (39796, RAFO) - No.170 Wing, No.221 Group - Distinguished Flying Cross - awarded as per London Gazette dated 8 September 1944.

This officer has completed much operational flying and has rendered immense service. He is a first class leader, whose tactical ability and determination have contributed in good measure to the success of the formations he commands. Wing
Commander Lee has destroyed four enemy aircraft.

AIR 2/9159 has recommendation dated 29 June 1944.

Wing Commander Lee has shown himself outstanding both as a pilot and a leader. He commenced his operational career in the United Kingdom as a Night Fighter pilot in No. 604 Squadron, in July 1941, and in October 1941 destroyed a Ju88 by night. Throughout 1942, he commanded a flight of No. 141 Squadron, and completed 107 hours operational flying on Beaufighters by night. In March 1943, he commenced day fighter operations on Typhoons, and before being posted overseas in July had carried out a considerable number of operational sorties; for the most part, shipping reconnaissances.

On his arrival in India, he was posted as Squadron Leader (Flying) to No. 165 Wing in the Arakan area, and commencing within a month of his arrival he had destroyed one Oscar, probably destroyed another, and damaged three. He was posted as Wing Commander (Flying) to No. 170 Wing at the beginning of May, and at once applied himself with the greatest enthusiasm and success to the offensive fighter and fighter-bomber work, of which this Wing’s effort largely consists. Since his arrival, he has carried out more than twenty such sorties, displaying the greatest skill and determination in their execution, and setting the best possible example to those who fly with him. He has also shown himself to be a first-class leader of defensive fighters. His most outstanding success, was on June 17th, when a force of 20 Oscars raided the Bishenpur area. He was airborne at the time on an air test of the Wing Spitfire, and heard the scramble directions given by R/T to the two Spitfire Squadrons. He went to the Bishenpur area, “jumped” the Japanese formation, and immediately shot one Oscar down in flames. Climbing again after his attack, he directed the Tiddim Road at low level. He not only succeeded in giving directions, so that both Squadrons were able to attack from the most advantageous positions and to inflict severe casualties on the enemy, but also shot down a further Oscar in flames.

This brings his score of enemy aircraft destroyed or damaged: One Ju.88 destroyed by night; three Oscars destroyed by day; one Oscar probably destroyed; three Oscars damaged.

He has completed more than 200 hours operational flying. I most strongly recommend him for the immediate award of the Distinguished Flying Cross.

(Signed by Wing Commander, Commanding, No. 170 Wing, R.A.F. on June 29.1944)XXX


Night Fighter Squadrons in England
No. 604 Squadron 10.7.41 to 10.11.41
One Ju.88 destroyed night of 28.10.41

No. 141 Squadron 21.1.42 to 28.12.42
Commanded a Flight during the whole of this period
Total Night Operational hours: 107

Day Fighter Operations from March 20th, 1943 to July 3rd, 1943 in England
During this time armed shipping reconnaissances of Dutch-Belgium coast and of Channel Islands, etc… Also scrambles, patrols and one cross-channel escort. Commanded No. 257 Squadron 18.5.43 to 3.7.43.


No. 165 Wing, Arakan, list of sorties:

1. 29.12.43 Scramble
2. 31.12.43 Scramble
3. 31.12.43 Scramble
4. 2.1.44 Scramble
5. 15.1.44 Scramble – one Oscar destroyed
6. 15.1.44 Scramble
7. 20.1.44 Scramble – One Oscar probably destroyed
8. 4.2.44 Message Dropping
9. 5.2.44 Scramble - two Oscars damaged
10. 6.2.44 Search
11. 10.2.44 Scramble – one Oscar damaged
12. 20.4.44 Strafing Village
13. 29.4.44 Strafing Meiktila A/D.

No. 170 Wing. Imphal.

14. 9.5.44 – Escort
15. 11.5.44 – Area Cover.
16. 13.5.44 – Bombing and Strafing Village
17. 14.5.44 – Bombing and Strafing, started big fire
18. 14.5.44 – Bombing and Strafing Jap positions
19. 16.5.44 – Patrol
20. 16.5.44 – Rhubarb, no result
21. 20.5.44 – Bombing and strafing road point
22. 21.5.44 – Bombing and strafing Village
23. 21.5.44 – Scramble
24. 23.5.44 – Bombing sortie – abortive
25. 29.5.44 – Rhubarb – 1 M.T. destroyed
26. 30.5.44 – Rhubarb – 2 M.T. destroyed
27. 31.5.44 – Bombing and strafing bunkers
28. 2.6.44 – Rhubarb – 1 M.T. destroyed
29. 3.6.44 – Rhubard – 2 M.T. destroyed
30. 4.6.44 – Rhubarb – 2 M.T. destroyed
31. 5.6.44 – bombing and strafing village
32. 6.6.44 – Rhubarb - 1 M.T. destroyed
33. 6.6.44 – Strafing ammunition dump area
34. 8.6.44 – Scramble
35. 10.6.44 – bombing and strafing hill positions
36. 10.6.44 – bombing and strafing road feature
37. 17.6.44 – Scramble - Two Oscars destroyed
38. 19.6.44 – Bombing and Strafing village

Summary of Operations in India

Total sorties 38. Carried out in Spitfire V and VIII and Hurricane IIC and IV.

Enemy aircraft destroyed: 3
Enemy aircraft Probably destroyed: 1
Enemy aircraft damaged: 3
Enemy M.T. destroyed: 5
Enemy M.T. damaged: 4