View Full Version : Captain Herbert PICKARD, MC, Signals with No.14 Group, France, 1940

23rd January 2022, 19:38
PICKARD, Herbert, Captain (Acting Major), Royal Corps of Signals (63230) - No,1 Air Formation Signals - Military Cross - awarded as per London Gazette dated 2 May 1941. No citation. Public Record Office AIR 2/6075 has recommendation for a DSO, drafted 25 May 1940 by G/C P.F. Fullard, Officer Commanding, No.14 Group. Unusual for the time lapse between recommendation and gazetting.

Captain Pickard was in command of the Air Formation Signals which provided the ground communications of No.14 Group. Without his tireless efforts in the face of the greatest difficulties and danger I can truly say that the Group would not have been able to operate after ot left its original location. Several nights his reconnaissances were severely interupted by enemy air action which drove him to take cover for long periods and often severed his lines, which were at once repaired. By his example he inspired his men to remain at their posts until the enemy were within close range, Whenever the operational echelon of No.14 Group had to move because of the approach of the enemy Captain Pickard had, by his initiative and bravery already installed an alternative telephone system and this alone enabled me to control the Fighter Wings up to the moment of evacuation. I cannot speak too highly of his resource, initiative and personal disregard of danger.