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7th February 2022, 13:37
MCKECHNIE, John Philip, P/O (AUS 400044) – No. 242 Squadron – Distinguished Flying Cross – awarded a per London Gazette dated 7 October 1941, with effect from 28th August, 1941).

This officer has led his section on numerous important daylight attacks on enemy shipping. Displaying great leadership and determination, often in the face of heavy fire from ships and ground defences, Pilot Officer McKechnie has contributed materially to the successes achieved. He has also participated in many fighter sweeps and bomber escorts. On one occasion, Pilot Officer McKechnie was instrumental in guiding a rescue launch to one of our pilots who had been forced to descend into the sea in mid-Channel. Throughout, Pilot Officer McKechnie has shown a high degree of skill and courage.

AIR 2/8462 has recommendation dated 26 August 1941.

In the past five weeks, he has led his Section on 15 important daylight shipping attacks, flying through anti-aircraft fire from flak ships and ground defences. On all these occasions, his coolness and determined leadership has made it possible for his section to press home these attacks with the maximum success.

In addition, he has taken part in 16 fighter sweeps and bomber escorts. On July 7th, when leading his section, he was instrumental in locating a pilot who had come down in mid-Channel, guiding a rescue launch to the spot and waiting till the pilot was saved. P/O McKechnie’s score to date is 1 Me.109 “damaged” July 4th and 1 Me.109 “probably destroyed” July 27th.

While attacking shipping on August 19th, he was hit and crashed into the sea, but has since been reported as “believed prisoner of war”.

(Signed by Squadron Commanding Officer. S/L W.G. Wells Manston.)

“John Philip McKechnie is strongly recommended. Although he has not “scored” the usual number of e.a. destroyed, his cool and determined leadership in shipping attacks are worthy of recognition.”

(Signed by R. Bennet, W/C, Station Commander)

“I strongly endorse the Squadron Commander’s remarks. During his period of service in Fighter Command and in No. 242 Squadron, this officer contributed a great deal towards the success of his squadron in the recent intensive operations over the Channel. He is very strongly recommended for the award of the D.F.C.”.

(Signed by Group Captain, Bennett, R.A.F. Station, Hornchurch, 21.9.41)

(Also signed by Air Marshal, Air Officer Commanding-in-Chief, Headquarters, Fighter Command on 25.9.41)