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7th February 2022, 14:17
KEMP, Nigel Leslie Digby, P/O (84941) – No. 242 Squadron – Distinguished Flying Cross – awarded as per London Gazette dated 7 October 1941.

Since May, 1941, this officer has participated in twenty-nine operational sorties, fifteen of which have been directed against enemy shipping. Throughout, Pilot Officer Kemp has displayed great courage and initiative combined with a fine fighting spirit. On one occasion, he machine-gunned German troops on the beach at Fort" Phillipe causing casualties. On another occasion, when flying alone over the Channel, he attacked a fast enemy launch, from which he had been fired at, silenced its guns and stopped the vessel. Pilot Officer Kemp has contributed . materially to the successes achieved by his unit against enemy shipping.

AIR 2/8462 has recommendation dated 5 September 1941.

Pilot Officer Kemp has, since May, taken part in fourteen squadron escort flights for bombers over France and, during the last six weeks, in fifteen fighter attacks on enemy shipping. Although these attacks on enemy shipping have been made under intense anti-aircraft fire, this officer has at all times displayed courage, initiative and an offensive spirit of the highest order.

On 2nd July, 1941, he became separated from his squadron whilst returning from a flight over France and machine-gunned German troops on the beach near Fort Philippe causing casualties.

On 15th August, 1941, this officer, whilst flying alone on a weather test in the Channel, was fired on by a fast enemy motor launch. He attacked it without hesitation, silenced the enemy fire and stopped the vessel. His unruffled behavior and determination in action is particularly commended.

(Signed by Commanding Officer (Wells), No. 242 Sqn, Manston, S/L, on 5.9.41)

“Pilot Officer Kemp possesses a strongly developed offensive spirit. His courage and determination have had an excellent effect in maintaining a high state of morale in No. 242 Squadron.”

(Signed by Station Commander (Bennet), W/C, 9/9/41)

“I endorse the remarks of the Squadron Commander. P/O Kemp has put up a magnificent show and contributed largely to the great success which his squadron has achieved against enemy shipping. I strongly recommend him for the award of the D.F.C.”

(Signed by H. Broadhurst, Group Captain, R.A.F. Station, Hornchurch, 21.9.41)