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7th February 2022, 19:13
PURVIS, George Henry, S/L (Aus 260446) No 36 Torpedo/Land Squadron Air Force Cross awarded as per London Gazette dated 19 October 1943. Born 16 May 1909. Enlisted 16 October 1939. Public Record Office Air 2/8756 has recommendation drafted 9 July 1943.

Formerly a civil airline pilot, Squadron Leader Purvis was transferred from the R.A.A.F. Reserve and posted to No. 6 squadron on the 4th of March 1940, and while serving with that squadron was responsible for practically all the initial conversion of R.A.A.F. pilots to Hudson aircraft. Following this outstanding service, he was posted to No. 13 G.R./B. squadron, Darwin; served for a year as flying instructor at Central Flying School and later served as test pilot in the early stages of production of Beaufort aircraft.

In January 1942, he was posted to No. 1 O.T.U. as flying instructor of Hudson aircraft where he displayed such excellent qualities of training ability and leadership that he was shortly appointed O.C. of a Beaufort training squadron at that unit comprising 34 aircraft.

On the 9th November, 1942, Squadron Leader Purvis was appointed to command No. 35 (Transport) squadron. Since he assumed command, the work of this squadron operating mainly as it does between New Guinea and the mainland has been outstanding, and has played no small part in the successes of the New Guinea campaign.

Since the squadron came within the command of North-Eastern Area, it has flown a total of 6501 hours and transported 8,615 personnel and over 4,800,000 lbs. freight, including Jeeps and 25 pounder guns. This has only been possible through the ability and leadership of Squadron Leader Purvis who has been largely responsible for the training of transport pilots for his own and other squadrons during this period.

Squadron Leader Purvis has flown 198 hours as captain of transport planes, mostly on missions to the forward areas necessitating fighter cover. In his 8265 total flying hours, he has rendered distinguished service in the science of aviation and particularly to the RAAF.