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7th February 2022, 20:32
YOUNG, Ronald Hildyard, W/C (32214, Royal Air Force) - No.14 Operational Training Unit - Air Force Cross - awarded as per London Gazette dated 11 June 1942. Had attended Flying Instructors Course at Central Flying School, 17 August to 8 November 1936 and graded as B Level Instructor. Public Record Officer Air 2/8910 has citation.

Wing Commander Young was posted to No.13 Operational Training Unit as its Chief Instructor on the 29th July 1941, having previously completed successfully a tour of operations in No.110 Squadron followed by a tour as a Flight Commander in the conversion flight at No.13 Operational Training Unit and a staff appointment at Headquarters, No.7 Group as Chief Instructor. Wing Commander Young has set an example of efficiency and conscientiousness which has done much to maintain a high standard of training. He is untiring in his efforts and has had considerable success in improving the training of pupils by personal instruction.

YOUNG, Ronald Hilyard, W/C, AFC (32214) –No. 464 Squadron – Distinguished Service Order - awarded as per London Gazette dated 8 January 1943. Published under the following general citation:

On the 6th December, 1942, a force of bombers was detailed to make an attack in daylight on the Philips Factory at. Eindhoven. The operation, which was executed faultlessly, 'demanded a high degree of skilL and accurate timing. Bombs were released at varying heights, down to roof top level. Many hits were obtained, some in the centre of the target area. Two gun posts were silenced. Intense and heavy opposition was encountered and both oh the outward and return flights attacks were made by enemy fighters. The great success achieved reflects the greatest credit on the following personnel who participated in various capacities as leaders and ' members of aircraft crews:

Public Record Office Air 2/4922 has recommendation drafted 23 December 1942 when he had flown 27 sorties (86 hours).

This is the second operational tour by this officer, his first being a very successful one by day and night on Blenheims during 1940. Throughout this tour his qualities of leadership were most marked.

His first sortie on his second tour was to lead a total effort of 47 aircraft from this Station on the successful daylight low-level raid on Eindhoven on 6th December 1942. This operation was the first of its kind for any of these Squadrons, and the first time that two of them had operated since formation.

Throughout the practices which were held prior to the operation, he gradually gained the full confidence of all the crews, and after the attack all crews spontaneously agreed that they would follow him through whatever he led them. His determination and cool courage in the face of unknown opposition, which, in fact turned out to be severe, was of the highest order. He has set an outstanding example of leadership in all its forms, not only to his own squadron, but also to aircrew personnel of the other two squadrons.

I strongly recommend Wing Commander Young for the immediate award of the Distinguished Service Order.

(Signed by Group Captain, Commanding, R.A.F. Station, Feltwell on 23 December 1942)

“I have no hesitation in supporting the recommendation of the Station Commander. The Ventura phase of the raid on Eindhoven represented one half of the total aircraft engaged, for two-thirds of the Ventura crews it was their first operational sortie. Wing Commander Young’s part in the training of crews and his accurate and determined leadership during the operation, in my opinion, deserve the award of the Distinguished Service Order. During an earlier tour on Blenheim aircraft, Wing Commander Young completed twenty-five successful day and night sorties ranging from coastal and aerodrome targets to a day attack on Aalborg and a night attack on Leipzig”.
(Signed by Group Captain, Officer Commanding, No. 2 Group on 23 December 1942)