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1st March 2022, 14:38
CALDWELL, Clive Robertson, W/C, DFC (Aus 402107, Royal Australian Air Force) - No.1 Wing, Royal Australian Air Force - Distinguished Service Order - awarded as per London Gazette dated 19 October 1943. Born 28 July 1911 in Sydney, New South Wales; enlisted in Sydney, 27 May 1940; awarded DFC and Bar to DFC, both gazetted 26 December 1941 (No.250 Squadron); released 5 March 1946 (last posting was No.80 Wing). No DSO citation in Gazette other than, "in recognition of gallantry displayed in flying operations against the Japanese." Citation from Michael Maton, Gallantry and Distinguished Service Awards to the Royal Australian Air Force in the Second World War (published by the author, North Turramurra, Australia, 2002). Recommendation dated 22 June 1943 found in Air 2/8756; transcribed by Huguette Mondor Oates.

Wing Commander Caldwell, on completion of his flying training in January 1941, was posted overseas and served with much distinction and was credited with the destruction in combat of 20 Ĺ enemy planes.

He returned to Australia in September 1942 and was subsequently posted to No.1 Fighter Wing where by his confidence, coolness, skill and determination in the air, he has set a most excellent example to all pilots in the Wing. His skill and judgement as a leader are outstanding.

On 2 March 1943, he led a formation of six fighters against a force of enemy fighters and bombers totalling twice that number and was responsible for personally destroying two.

On 2nd May 1943, when leading the Wing against a large number of enemy raiders, he again personally shot down and destroyed two enemy aircraft.

On 20th June 1943, during an attack by enemy raiders, through failure of his radio, he was obliged to hand over the lead of the Wing as he was unable to receive directions from Sector Control. In spite of this, however, he searched for and found a portion of the raiding force and succeeded in shooting down one of the enemy.

Wing Commander Caldwell has flown over 475 active operational flying hours and has carried out over 300 operational sorties. His personal score of enemy aircraft destroyed in combat has now passed twenty-five, five of which are Japanese shot down since his return to Australia. His courage, determination, skill and his undoubtedly outstanding ability as a leader are an inspiration to his wing and worthy of the highest praise. (Note: this last paragraph appears in Air 2/8756 but not in Matonís work).