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26th April 2022, 05:17
PRINGLE, John, Sergeant (1329033) – No.158 Squadron - Distinguished Flying Medal – awarded as per London Gazette dated 14 January 1944.

This airman has taken part in very many sorties involving attacks on important industrial centres in the Ruhr and other parts of Germany. He is an air gunner of high merit and his skilful and resolute efforts have on more than one occasion contributed to the safe return of his aircraft . He has set a highlu commendable example.

Spink auction catalogue of 23 April 2009 has recommendation drafted 20 December 1943 and biographical note as follows

On the night of 8 th October, 1943, Sergeant Pringle was mid-upper gunner in a Halifax aircraft detailed to attack Hanover. Whilst over the target, his aircraft was attacked by an FW.190 but Sergeant Pringle spotted the night fighter before it could open fire and gave his captain the correct combat manoeuvre so that the enemy could not bring his guns to bare and, after a short burst from the mid-upper and rear turrets of the Halifax, broke off the attack and the Halifax continued on its bombing run. Again, Sergeant Pringle’s aircraft was approached by another enemy fighter, this time a Dornier 217 but, again, the watchful mid-upper gunner spotted it before it could make an attack and again the correct combat manoeuvre was successful in deterring the enemy. The above instances are typical of this gunner’s brilliant operational record during which he has completed a tour of 28 operational sorties against some of the most heavily defended targets in enemy territory. Throughout, Sergeant Pringle has displayed courage and determination of a very high order, proving himself to be a worthy member of a very gallant crew, one of the best in the squadron, and contributed to a very large extent to their most successful operational record. It is recommended that this N.C.O.’s high standard of efficiency and devotion to duty fully merits the award of the Distinguished Flying Medal.

Remarks by Station Commander: ‘The cool and collected manner with which he gave directions to his Captain inspired confidence in the whole crew. This example is typical of his whole operational career and for his efficiency, courage and devotion to duty at all times, he is strongly recommended for the immediate award of thee D.F.M.’.

Remarks by A.O.C.: ‘This Air Gunner now nearing the end of his operational tour has has proved his courage and determination on operations and I strongly recommend the immediate award of the D.F.M.’.

1439033 Sergeant John Pringle, D.F.M., served during the Second World War with 158 Squadron (Halifaxes), Lissett, Yorkshire; he flew in 28 operational sorties with the squadron between May 1943 – November 1943, including: Dusseldorf (2); Wuppertal; Bochum (2); Cologne; Gelsenkirchen; Aachen; Montbeliard; Hamburg (2); Essen; Nuremburg; Milan; Peenemunde - the heavy raid against the German V-Weapons Experimental Station, 17/18.8.1943; Leverkusen; Berlin (2); Munchen-Gladback; Mannheim (2); Hanover (2); Kassel (2); Cannes and Frankfurt.