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9th May 2022, 00:19
Sergeant John FRANKLAND (1597723) – No.195 Squadron – Distinguished Flying Medal – awarded as per London Gazette dated 6 March 1945. Although gazetted with a joint citation that covered Sergeant F.C. Williams (rear gunner) and F/L G.F. Bale (pilot, RNZAF), Spink auction catalogue (offering medals for 450 pounds) reported a more detailed recommendation as follows:

“On December, 12th, 1944 Sergeant Frankland was mid-upper gunner in a Lancaster aircraft detailed for a daylight attack on Witten. Before reaching the target, his aircraft was badly damaged, the rudder being rendered practically useless. On the second attack, Sergeant Frankland and the rear gunner destroyed a FW 190, which was seen to crash to the ground by other crews in the formation. On the third attack, an Me 410 was also destroyed, being seen to dive to the ground in flames despite the fact that the turrets had been damaged and were being operated manually.

“The two final attacks put both turrets out of action. By superb marksmanship and perfect combination with his Captain and rear gunner, this N.C.O. was responsible for the target being attacked, for the destruction of two enemy fighters in col-operation with the rear gunner, and for the subsequent safe landing of the aircraft in Belgium. His courage and devotion to duty under the most adverse circumstances in action wee of a very high order. Both fighters have been officially confirmed as being destroyed.”