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9th May 2022, 00:35
Flight Sergeant Neil McCallum SCOTT (1824146) – No.635 Squadron – Distinguished Flying Medal – awarded as per London Gazette dated 25 September 1945. Medals offered for sale by Spink, estimated value of 400 pounds. The recommendation states:

“This N.C.O. Air Gunner has completed a total of 46 operational sorties against the enemy. Many of the attacks in which he took part were directed at the most heavily defended German targets. Throughout, Flight Sergeant Scott has maintained a high standard of skill and efficiency, and his conduct in the face of the enemy has always been exemplary”.

Flight Sergeant Neil McCallum Scott, D.F.M., served with 8 Group, Pathfinder Force (Lancasters); operations, 1944-45 include: Hamburg, Stettin, Gelsenkirchen, Calais, Essen, Cologne, Bochum, Karlsruhe, Hanover, Munich, Magdeburg and Dortmund.