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Henk Welting
28th September 2008, 16:14
What caused the death of Cpl Frank T. WILLIAMS - 365037 - 30 Sqn (Amriya, Egypt) - commemorated Column 244 of the Alamein Memorial. (Not listed Bomber Losses ME and Med - Gunby/Temple).

Regards and thanks for your help.

28th September 2008, 17:45
Hi Henk

Possibly Crete casualty? Invasion commenced on this date. Just a guess, though.


28th September 2008, 18:02
He appears to be one of 7 killed on that day for 30 Squadron:

ABBOTT, KG 651897 20/05/1941
BETTS, HF 548425 20/05/1941
GOODHAND, MS 749664 20/05/1941
HOYES, M 561167 20/05/1941
STEWART, A 521630 20/05/1941
THOMAS, DJ 651354 20/05/1941
WILLIAMS, FT 365037 20/05/1941


Errol Martyn
29th September 2008, 02:00

Air-Britain's history of 30 Sqn, 'Flat Out', records (p144) the death of Stewart in the confused ground fighting that took place this day, and (p145) that Betts at one point was driving an ambulance (no mention of his death though). Although the ground fighting this day is covered in some detail in the book there is no specific mention in the text of the fate of the others Amrit names, but presumably they were also lost as a result of it. All seven men are recorded in the book's roll of honour and on the CWGC register under date of 20 May 41.


Henk Welting
29th September 2008, 10:19
Thanks friends for your info; annotations made.

John Larder
2nd October 2008, 18:21
Williams is on a memorial near to Maleme airfield for those killed, some in dubious circumstances by the Paratroopers, according to some sources.