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Adriano Baumgartner
3rd June 2022, 20:26
Dear all,

After more than 9 years of researches, travels (including to France and England), the full biography of the late Wing Commander Cosme Lockwood Gomm, DSO, DFC (RAFO 34123) was finally published in 3 volumes.

Volume 1: Do cover his Family roots and backgrounds, his infancy in Argentina and Swiss, his Brazilian Civil War in 1932, his joining the RAF in 1933, his times in Egypt (4 SFTS, 45 Squadron and late 14 Squadron); then his time as a Flight Instructor at 10 SFTS and with the RCAF, before passing through an OTU, training to fly Whitleys. 396 pages.

Volume 2: Do cover "his War", first on a full tour with 77 Squadron, then with 604 Squadron (4 victories) and flying A-20 Turbinlites. He then moves to 51 OTU as a Flight Instructor before joining the RAE Farnborough as a Test Pilot for a full year. He was the first C.O. of the 467 Squadron (RAAF). We do follow up his flights up to August 1943. 522 pages.

Volume 3: Do cover his last fight in deep and the Post-Morten (letters received by the Family, documents, newspapers) and all the tributes to this hero, both here and abroad (France in 2019). 194 pages.

Several of you were co-authors of this Tribute to a Brazilian Hero and probably the greatest military Brazilian pilot of all times.

The work was published in Portuguese language although his letters and other documents were transcribed in original English language.

Most humbly yours,
Adriano Silva Baumgartner, ASV 00.344

OBS: Part (50%) of the revenues will be donated to charity.


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3rd June 2022, 21:55
Congratulations, Adriano

1,000-plus pages! Wow! Shame not in the English language, though.

However, best of luck

Stay safe, take care

Adriano Baumgartner
4th June 2022, 02:39
Dear Brian,

Most of his letters to his mother and Family are there in plain English, as well as documents, letters he sent or his C.O.'s sent after he went missing; but indeed the main text is plain Portuguese.
It is a Tribute to a fine forgotten Hero and a man who had, at the beginning of WW2 more flying hours than the late "Percy" Pickard...and by mid 1943, he had something around 2,800 flying hours, whilst Guy Gibson did have around 1,930+ hours....
And according to his brother (a RCAF Spitfire pilot), he had volunteered to fly a Third Tour with Coastal Command.....
He died on the 75th (77th overall - 2 not completed) sortie.
Semper Fi.,
Adriano and Family