View Full Version : New Book! Royal Air Force Squadron Losses: 1st January 1921 31st December 1930

Alex Smart
11th June 2022, 15:41
New Book! Royal Air Force Squadron Losses: 1st January 1921 31st December 1930.
Does this new book include Ground crew losses or only aircraft /crew losses ?

Alex Smart
15th June 2022, 00:29
Tried to order this book at my local bookshop but they could not do so. Said that perhaps it was short print number and already sold out .
But I see it on sale on Amazon, but will try East Anglia Bookshop.
Today I went again to my local bookshop and they could not find any details about this book. They suggested that it may be a private publication and so they would not be able to aquire it for me.
Anyone else have problems aquireing a copy of this book ?

Alex Smart
16th June 2022, 12:41
Just an update ,
With the help and guidance from Paul I have just ordered the four volumes from Amazon .
It just shows how great the members on this Forum go out of their way to help one another.
Great forum and wonderful members
Thank you

Alex Smart
17th June 2022, 21:41
I ordered the four editions yesterday afternoon.
The parcel was delivered this afternoon.
Amazon did say that it would be delivered today but I did not really expect it to arrive so soon.
Thank you Paul and Simon for the help and guidance.
The books are quit a wonder, each one has so much information and details for each loss .
I am surprised that I had not heard about this series before.
Looking forward to volume five ��