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3rd October 2008, 13:38
Hi guys

For those who have kindly purchased a copy of my latest book, I must notify you of an error that has come to light (courtesy of Hugh Halliday).

Page 16: states that the claim for a Do217 probable made by W/Cdr Hampshire of 456(RAAF) Squadron in a Mosquito on 30 April 1944 was Mitchell FR142 of 320 Dutch Squadron - a case of mistaken identity/ friendly fire.

It now appears that FR142 was shot down on 26 April 1944 by an RCAF Mosquito pilot, yet to be identified.

With appropriate egg on face I apologise and hope there will not be too many other errors found in the study!

Incidentally, in the Braham/Gregory book 'Scramble' is mention of two Dutch Mitchells from the same 320 Squadron being shot down by a Mosquito circa 20 May 1944. Can anyone throw any light on this incident?

With apologies