View Full Version : Accounts of WWI Service written by Interwar RAFSC Students

Steve Brew
16th September 2022, 14:24
Does anyone have any experience with the accounts of WWI service written by interwar RAF Staff College students in TNA AIR 1 and/or AIR 10?

For example:

AIR 1/2386/228/11/29 Account by GW Murlis-Green on 1923 RAFSC Crse
AIR 1/2387/228/11/40 Account by R Collishaw on 1924 RAFSC Crse
AIR 1/2390/228/11/136 Account by JA McDonald on 1929 RAFSC Crse
AIR 1/2391/228/11/157 Account by CA Bouchier on 1930 RAFSC Crse
AIR 10/973 Account by BE Smythies on 1922 RAFSC Crse

Does anyone know what form/format these are in? Are they largely biographical or more technical? Are they worth obtaining for their biographical value?