View Full Version : F/Lt J K Keates AFC

7th October 2008, 12:20
I am trying to find more information on John Keyford Keates (113955) who was awarded the Air Force Cross in 1942 (London Gazette 31st March 1942).

So far all I have are the Gazette entries regarding his promotions etc:
P/O 26th November 1941 (LG 20/01/1942)
AFC 31/03/1942
F/O 14th August 1942 (LG 13/11/1942)
F/Lt 14th August 1943 (LG 10/09/1943)

RAFVR Post War
F/O 6th June 1947 (LG 29/07/1947)
F/Lt 1st March 1951 (LG 25/09/1951)
Extention on service LG 15/07/1952
Commission Relinquished 6th June 1962 (LG 12/06/1962)

I am very keen to find out why he was awarded the AFC and was wondering
if there were any books/lists recording citations like there are for the DFM and the

I would also like to find out more about his RAF career so any information about
units he served with would be fantastic.