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Henk Welting
9th October 2008, 14:32
What were the death registration places for:

LAC Frank W. BARBERY - 851435;
LAC (Obs u/t) Vincent COLLINS - 1182779;
LAC (Pilot u/t) Henry G. COOK - 1176417;
Sgt (Pilot) John A.S. COPE - 1154317 - 10 Sqn (Leeming, Yorkshire);
LAC David J. DAVIES - 982926 - 253 Sqn (Skeabrae, Orkneys);
LAC (Obs) John J. DUHAMEL - 1181576;
AC2 (Wop/Ag u/t) William VICKERS - 1021729, and
Sgt (Pilot) Edward WELLER - 1255021.

Proposed aircraft serials lost this day:

Anson I - N9735 - 11 AONS - flew into ground at night near Manor Farm, Lew, Oxfordshire.
Lysander II - R2027 - 11 Gp AACF - overshot landing at Croydon.
Master I - N7704 - 8 FTS - broke up in air near Scotston.
Spitfire I - X4934 - 53 OTU - crashed on landing Heston.

Regards and thanks for your help.

9th October 2008, 17:33
Hi Henk
Collins,33,Duhamel,20, and Vickers,29 are all registered at Witney Oxfordshire and it is the right area for Anson N 9735
Barbery ,50, registered at Warwick
Cook,46, registered at Wallingford,at the time it was in Berkshire
Weller,29, registered at Saffron Walden,Essex
Cope and Davis did not come up

9th October 2008, 20:20
Death of LAC David John DAVIES, age 25, is registered at Kirkwall military hospital. Cause of death given as shock following accidental gunshot wound to thigh on 5th June.

COPE's death is not registered in Scotland.



9th October 2008, 21:48
Hi Henk
I've found a John A S Cope ,20,(as on CWGC) registered at Wetherby,W Yorkshire but in the 3rd Qtr of 1941. I think we've had something similar before where, whatever brought about the death required a Coroner's Inquest, and this took some weeks and delayed the registration. There is nothing in Chorley to suggest an operational loss so it might be an accident or illness. Cope is buried at Leeming, close to his base.

Henk Welting
10th October 2008, 18:02
Thanks Dick and David for your support; much appreciated. Enjoy the coming weekend.

Ken MacLean
13th October 2008, 17:01
Henk, from Times Roll of Honour with publication dates:

LAC V. Collins KOAS 24 July 1941
LAC H.G. Cook KOAS 24 July 1941
Sgt. J.A.S. Cope DOAS 2 July 1941
LAC D.J. Davies DOAS 2 July 1941
LAC J.J. Duhamel KOAS 2 July 1941
AC2 W. Vickers KOAS 24 July 1941
Sgt. E. Weller Died of Wounds or Injuries Recieved on Active Service 2 July 1941.

Could not find Barbery or variations of that name???

Regards, Ken

Henk Welting
14th October 2008, 12:56
Thanks Ken, will amend my files.

22nd September 2017, 18:00

LAC Frank W. BARBERY - 851435 - the National Probate Calendar records that he died at Hatton Mental Hospital, Hatton, Warks.

LAC (Obs u/t) Vincent COLLINS
LAC (Obs) John J. DUHAMEL - 1181576
AC2 (Wop/Ag u/t) William VICKERS - 1021729,

The respective Graves Registration Report Forms record all these airmen as being with 11 A.O.N.S.

LAC (Pilot u/t) Henry G. COOK - 1176417 - the Graves Registration Report Forms records him with 8 F.T.S.

Sgt (Pilot) John A.S. COPE - 1154317 - the Yorkshire Ppst of June 10th 1941 reported the following:

Killed on Harewood Bank
An inquest was opened at Wetherby yeterday and adjourned until June 23 on the body of Sergt. Pilot John Anthony Cope, of Little Orchard, Hermitage, Berks. On Saturday night Cope was motoring down Harewood Bank when he got into difficulties. The car overturned, and he was killed instantly.



4th July 2021, 08:16
Walter James George Chalcroft R 59826 , died of a heart attack at 05:00 hours at home at 119 Perth avenue , West Kildonan, Winnipeg

14th July 2022, 00:44
John Hydes 1140540 , attached to 363 MU , died in Number 47 British General hospital of acute yellow atrophy of the liver