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Henk Welting
9th October 2008, 15:40
What were the places of death registration for:

S/Ldr Harry W. DRYERRE - 72095;
LAC John T. HARRISON - 621937 - 150 Sqn (Newton, Nottinghamshire);
F/Lt Denis W. MAHON - 76448 - Medical Offr (pres. killed on a Miles Master), and
AC2 Thomas RENNIE - 1027271.

Proposed aircraft losses this day:

Harrow II - K7022 - 8 BGS - crashed in forced landing 3 miles ESE of Nigg, Ross & Cromarty.
Master I - T8483 - 9 FTS - crashed on approach at night Castle Combe.

Regards and thanks for your help.

9th October 2008, 18:00
Hi Henk
Dryerre,29, registered at Ely(?Hospital)
Harrison,20 registered at Bingham, Nottinghamshire
Mahon,26, registered in Nottingham itself
Rennie,56, registered at Ilford,Essex

Henk Welting
10th October 2008, 17:45
Thanks Dick. Had a hope to learn that Med Offr RENNIE had been killed on Master T8483 (Castle Combe), the a/c flown by S/Ldr DRYERRE (DoW at Ely) ! Now their names remain on the "unaccounted" list.

4th November 2009, 22:01
Dryerre,29, registered at Ely(?Hospital) DOAS
Harrison,20 registered at Bingham, Nottinghamshire KOAS listing
Mahon,26, registered in Nottingham itself - DIED OF WOUNDS OR INJURIES RECEIVED ON
ACTIVE SERVICE. Fit. Lt. D. W. Mahon;
Rennie,56, registered at Ilford,Essex Not found in Flight archives but these older men sometimes don't.

28th July 2012, 11:53
F1180 gives Mahon and 1 other killed in crash of Tiger Moth X9318 of RAF Station Newton.

So would pencil in Harrison for this as well based on registration district.


Laurent Rizzotti
4th February 2013, 12:17

Would be interested to know where the Tiger Moth X9318 crashed and why, if these data are available in F1180.

Thanks in advance

29th September 2017, 17:10

S/Ldr Harry W. DRYERRE - 72095 - the Scotsman of June 11th 1941 carried the following announcement:

DRYERRE - at Ely, Cambs, on 9th June 1941, as a result of a motor accident, S/Leader Dr. Harry Winton Dryerre.

The National Probate Calendar confirms that he died at R.A.F. Hospital, Ely.



25th November 2021, 23:06
Thomas Rennie 1027271 , attached to Number 4 Balloon Centre, was admitted to Ilford hospital on 4 May where he died of chronic gastritis

15th February 2022, 22:46
Donald Ellis 941265 , was admitted to Number 23 general hospital with a boil on his nose, where he became dangerously ill and died at 20:15 Hours of a carbuncle and cavernous sinus thrombosis

16th December 2022, 17:44
Donald Nesbitt Fielding 580232 , attached to HQ ME Cairo, died in Number 63 General hospital of an internal haemorrhage