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Henk Welting
11th October 2008, 13:43
What were the places of death registration for:

Sgt Edward ANNESLEY-COOKE - 905394 - 10 Sqn (Leeming, Yorkshire);
AC2 Albert E. BACON - 1018703;
AC1 Leslie A. BROMAGE - 957178;
F/O (Pilot) Brian DAVEY - 79537;
AC1 Anthony A. GRANT - 650463;
AC2 Frederick S. HERBERT - 1312213;
AC2 William C. MAHIER - 577249;
AC2 Duncan MacDONELL - 997865 - 11 BC, 951 (Balloon) Sqn (Bristol);
AC2 Stanley MAVER - 1365480;
Sgt (WOp/Ag) Edward T.NAYLOR - 1052108;
LAC William NEILL - 639833;
Sgt (Pilot) William D. OSWALD - 742729;
LAC (Pilot u/t) William W. PARKINSON - 1067083;
AC1 Arthur E. POCKNELL - 918615, and
Sgt (Pilot) Albert R.G. WILLIAMS - 1167724.

Proposed aircraft losses for this day:

Blenheim IV - V6459 - 54 OTU - crashed on take-off Church Fenton, Yorkshire.
Hurricane U - V7007 - 52 OTU - damaged byond repair in accident; no further details.

So many a/c losses; it could be the Germans again intensified their bombing raids on the U.K.

Regards and thanks for your help.

11th October 2008, 14:18
Hi Henk,

If the registrations come up as Wigtownshire area then 9 were killed when Stranraer I, K7298 bounced and sank on landing.


Henk Welting
11th October 2008, 15:07
Hello Ross,
Stranrear K7298 on file, however with only one name:
Sgt (Wop/Ag) Alfred E. STEPHENS - 1164425.

Was this aircraft on the strength of 4 (C)OTU or 240 Sqn (BN-A) ?


dave bristol
11th October 2008, 15:45
Hi Henk,

AC 2 Duncan Macdonnell was killed during an air raid on Bristol at barrage balloon site 51/12 which was situated in Victoria Park, which is south west of the main railway station at Temple Meads.

Dave Molyneux

Henk Welting
11th October 2008, 16:17
Thanks Dave; annotation made on Macdonnell.

Ken MacLean
11th October 2008, 17:23

Killed On Active Service, Times 14 July 1941:
Bacon, AC2 A.E.
Grant, AC1 A.A
Mahier, AC W.C.
Maver, AC2 S.
Naylor, Sgt. E.T.
Neill, LAC W.
Oswald, Sgt. W.D.

Died On Active Service, Times 14 July 1941:
Bromage, AC1 L.A.

Died of Wounds or Injuries Received on Active Service, Times 14 July 1941:
MacDonell, AC1 D.
Williams, Sgt. A.R.G.

Previously Missing, Now Reported Killed on Active Service, Times 30 September 1941:
Pocknell, AC1 A.E.

Regards, Ken

11th October 2008, 18:15
Hi Henk
Warner's Blenheim has no deaths on V6459, just injury to P/O J Menary
Bromage,21, registered at St Ives, Cambridgeshire,
Davey,22, registered in Cambridge itself,
Herbert,20, registered at Gloucester Rural ie outside the city,
MacDonnell,29, registered at Bristol,
Parkinson,19, registered at Bingham, Northamptonshire,
Williams,19,registered at Dunmow, Essex.
Annesly-Cooke,Bacon,Grant, Mahier, Maver, Naylor,Neill,Oswald, and Pocknell didnt come up on the England and Wales register. All but Annesly-Cooke are on Ken's list and with Annesly -Cooke it comes to 9 which is the number suggested by Ross for the Stranraer although I see you already have one name ,so A-Cooke may be an odd one out.

11th October 2008, 21:56
The deaths of
AC1 Antony Albert GRANT,age 19
AC2 Stanley MAVER, age 30
Sgt Alfred Edmund STEPHENS, age 19
AC2 William Charles MAHIER, age 18
LAC William NEILL, age 22
AC2 Albert Edward BACON, age 31
Sgt William Duncan Oswald, age 25
Sgt Edward Thomas Naylor, age 29
AC1 Arthur Ernest POCKNELL, age 27
are all registered in Wigtown so tie in with the loss of Stranraer I, K7298. Cause of death is given as drowning following flying accident. Annesley-Cooke's death is not registered in Scotland.



Ken MacLean
12th October 2008, 03:35

Update to my first post on this thread, just found Sgt. E. Annesley-Cooke DOAS, Times 25 July 1941.


12th October 2008, 09:46
Hi Henk
Further to my earlier post. I have found an Edward A Cooke,30, registered at Aldershot,Surrey.From CWGC,the age is the same, his wife was from Farnham which is almost part of Aldershot, and he is buried at Woking, which is close nearby. It might indicate that he died at home on leave. I have encountered, in the register,the reduction of a hyphenated name to Initials plus the last name, on a previous occaison so this might be your man.
Given the information in Ken's post,Annesley-Cooke doesnt show up in any Qtr of 1941. There is only the Edward A Cooke that I put above

Henk Welting
12th October 2008, 12:48
Thanks friends for all your support to this thread.

Rich Allenby
17th October 2008, 14:45
Henk, i have the pilot as Blenheim V6459 as being student pilot "J H Menary", no note of his rank, who was injured. crashed nr Church Fenton after engine cut on take off and a wing hit the ground.

regards Rich

17th October 2008, 14:51
James Henry MENARY Missing 03/06/1942 on Runnymeade

Henk Welting
17th October 2008, 17:17
F/O James 'Howard' MENARY - 62689 commemorated on Panel 3 Column 1 of the Malta Air Forces Memorial. I've him as being killed on Spitfire V.C serial BR322 of OADU. I do believe he was from the Irish Republic.

Rich Allenby
17th October 2008, 21:16
Whilst not my initial posting, thanks Henk and Paul for this additional info. regards rich

1st December 2009, 17:58
three status from Flight magazine

DOAS AC2 F S Herbert
KOAs LAC W W Parkinson

4th December 2009, 17:14
Ac2 Fs Herbert Was From South Cerney And Is Buried In The Local Churchyard,a Friend Of Mines Mother Used To Tend His Grave Until She Passed Away.always Wondered How He Was Killed, Its The Only Wargrave In The Church Yard That I Cannot Cross Reference With Local Flying Accidents,from South Cerney,burials From 1937 When The Aerodrome Opened Until The Hercules Accident At Fairford In 1969.

10th June 2011, 07:38
Hi Henk,

No.52 OTU ORB states
P/O B Davy (instructor) on Hurricane 6688 and Sgt Williams A R G on Hurricane V6944 collided in the air near Hatfield today, with fatal results. Both pilots died in hospital.


27th January 2012, 09:13
Hi Henk,

Pulled the Form 1180 for Stranraer K7298

States assigned to No.4 OTU, 9 killed 2 injured.

Pilot P/O A I James


Annesley Cooke's niece
22nd November 2013, 04:32
I am Edward Annesley Cooke's niece. I am not entirely sure, but I believe my uncle died of an undiagnosed kidney complaint. He returned to base in Scotland and managed to land the plane and then collapsed.
My mother felt the doctor at the base was considered incompetent. She was a nursing sister of some repute. So was my aunt. It is highly likely that my uncle came back to my aunt's nursing home and died there.
I will contact his daughter and verify my opinion.

2nd November 2014, 18:35
LAC William Wharton Parkinson (19), Pilot U/T, registered in Bingham, Nottinghamshire is very likely to have been one of two airman killed in Oxford T1334 when it collided with Wellington R1017 of 305 (Polish) Sqdn over Elton on 12/6/41.
Six Polish airmen in the bomber were killed.
The other man killed in the Oxford was LAC William Robson Newton.

3rd November 2014, 17:25
The GRO index of deaths indicates that the following names are all on the same page of the death register for Bingham district

Krawczyk Jerzy 24 Bingham 7b 811
Mruk Kazimierz 27 Bingham 7b 811
Newton William R 26 Bingham 7b 811
Parkinson William W 19 Bingham 7b 811
Wojtowicz Marian J 28 Bingham 7b 811

Matches crew lists for R1017 that I see online.

15th November 2018, 22:27
Ac2 Fs Herbert Was From South Cerney And Is Buried In The Local Churchyard,a Friend Of Mines Mother Used To Tend His Grave Until She Passed Away.always Wondered How He Was Killed, Its The Only Wargrave In The Church Yard That I Cannot Cross Reference With Local Flying Accidents,from South Cerney,burials From 1937 When The Aerodrome Opened Until The Hercules Accident At Fairford In 1969.

Have just received death certificate for AC2 Frederick Sidney Herbert died at in hospital RAF Innsworth from Pneumonia and Diphtheria and is buried at All Hallows church yard South Cerney, Glos.

7th April 2021, 20:23
Leslie Alfred Bromage 957178 , attached to Number 4 Blind approach training flight, died in a collision with an aircraft at RAF Wyton

15th March 2022, 22:46
Leslie Alfred Bromage 957178 , was in a MT vehicle with 1282840 AC1 Burrows B E , both on duty as Flight Mechanics, when at 02:20 Hours, the vehicle left was struck by Wellington R1643 of 40 Squadron. Burrows managed to leap clear but Bromage was killed

5th August 2022, 14:24
I am researching the mid-air collision between Airspeed Oxford 11 T1334 and Wellington 1c R1017 SM-K of 305 (Polish) Bomber Squadron on 12/6/41. I am interested to know the source for placing the crash as being 'over Elton', and wonder if anyone has heard mention of an extra British armourer (Sgt Brottel) being onboard the Wellington at the time? This is found in a biog of the Polish pilot K Mruk on Polishairforce.pl (biog by Krzysztof Mruk) but I can find no ref to this in 305 Sqdn archives.

18th April 2023, 20:37
Edward Annesley-Cooke 905394 | was admitted seriously ill to the Cambridge Military hospital on 5 June, where he died of acute nephritis