View Full Version : Special Duties Squadrons over Greece.

1st January 2023, 12:28
Dear all.

Iím wishing you ll Happy New Year and every success in your research endeavors.
Iím making an honoring page for a RHAF (Royal Hellenic Air Force) F/O who was a parachutist.
He was trained in Ramat David RAF No.4 Parachute Training School in Palestine and on May 20,1943 he took his first and last operational drop, in Corfu Greece.

We donít have details for his mission but we are looking the Squadron who carried him. We do know that there were 2 more agents with him who also dropped in Northern Greece. My obvious choosing was to search No.148 Squadron but no luck. Actually the Squadron didnít flew over Corfu the whole month. I also find out that No.624 Squadron flew such missions but didnít find also something for May.

So my questions is if anyone knows other special duties squadrons which flew over Greece during 1943. I want to find the squadron and the specific aircraft so to draw a profile of it and give it to his son.

My kindest regards and happy new year from Greece,