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Don Clark
4th February 2023, 20:08
Colin Burningham From Great Britain to India: The movement of RAF Bomber and Coastal Squadrons
from Great Britain to India in 1942/1943 242 pages A4, 51 plates, self-published 2018, paperback.

Colin (a contact from a good many years back on certain Blenheim aircrew) has, in 10
years or so research, compiled a detailed account, much of it from personal
accounts and Log Books, of the movements of some 20-odd Squadrons (though
restricted in scope in the end - and no wonder at 242 pages A4!)

Includes four Blenheim/Bisley Sqns (82, 110, 60, and 113, but not 45, 84 or 211
Sqns). Also covers seven Catalina Sqns, two Liberator Sqns, and three Wellington

He was able to have 100 copies printed, and has about 50 copies still on hand.

It's really quite an achievement, if not always the easiest to use: being one man's work,
there's no index and rather than detailed contents, a simple list of Sqns in the Intro.
There are no less than 51 photographs, well produced at good size, set in the back pages
along with a comprehensive listing and all sourced. Cross references to these are embedded
in the main text. Sources are incl in the text but without TNA refs.

Copies can be bought direct from Colin, at 25 plus postage.
At 242p A4, the book weighs 1.1 kg so be prepared for substantial postage.

Colin can be contacted by email at colinburningham AT hotmail.com.

Don Clark
25th February 2023, 21:55
Update: Colin is rather isolated, for a couple of reasons, so email contact can be a touch erratic.
However, he does sell copies of his book and they do arrive, eg for me in Australia and for Malcolm (Air of Authority) in East Yorkshire.

Wishing Colin well.