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Don Clark
16th February 2023, 04:22
Building on his earlier research for his Bombers Over Sand And Snow of 2008, in The Other Bomber Command Alun Granfield has put together a fresh account of 205 Group in the Mediterranean air war, this time with more focus on the aircrew of the Group from it's formation late in 1941 onwards. A useful summary of heavy bomber ops in the theatre up to that date is given in the first three chapters.

In the course of two books, Alun Granfield has consulted a considerable range of published accounts, personal records, the relevant AHB RAF Narratives, and the Operations Record Books of 257 Wing, of 205 Group and each of it's several Squadrons. It's just a little unfortunate that, after all that, he still refers to those formal records as "Operational Record Books" rather than by the correct title...but all in all, a worthy account of the Group and a worthwhile addition to the history of this theatre.

Alun Granfield The Other Bomber Command: A History of No 205 Group RAF
428 pages, illustrated, bibliography, no index. Paperback or Kindle.
Independently published Sep 2021, via Amazon.

My copy via Amazon Australia, per print on demand in Aus.

Bombers Over Sand and Snow is also still available, again via Amazon.

Don Clark
18th February 2023, 21:06
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