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10th December 2007, 12:20
I am transcribing a BEM citation (14 June 1945) to one Flight Sergeant Ernest Albert Clarke, RAF, in South-Easr Asia Command. The unit is described in one place as AMES 5058, No.180 Wing, and elsewhere as AMES 5456 (no wing mentioned). Were both these AMES units in the same area ? Or can one be eliminated by virtue of being on another continent ?

AMES, of course, is Air Ministry Experimental Station - a term to disguise the true nature of mobile radar units.

Ken MacLean
10th December 2007, 16:53
Angus Hamilton's "Canadians on Radar" includes an appendix listing 119 AMES locations in SEAC. He has the following info for AMES 5058, note that he has it in a different Sigs Wing than the one you quoted:

AMES 5058
Codename: Barge
Type: COL (Chain Overseas Low)
Signals Wing: 182
Filter Room: Chittagong
Region: Cox's Bazar

He has listed only those AMES where Canadians were employed, so the absence of AMES 5456 does not necessarily indicate that it was not located in SEAC, but that no Canadians were employed there.

See File No. 8 at this link for AMES list: