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Andrew W Clark
11th March 2023, 17:48
If anyone knows where this now out-of-print book is available for a reasonable price, please let me know. I am very keen to obtain a copy for my research into my Father's WW2 service.

Don Clark
11th March 2023, 22:53
I like to search www.bookfinder.com for harder to find titles, as it covers all the usual lists in one go, and for both new and used.

For Johnston and Carter Strong By Night 'Fortis Nocte': History and Memories of No. 149 (East India) Squadron (Air Britain c2002)
Bookfinder shows after a bit of fiddlin, two dealers (https://www.bookfinder.com/search/?ac=sl&st=sl&ref=bf_s2_a6_t1_10&qi=WjUNlrx9eny6r1CFkqU.cN3y86Q_1678573845_1:12:6&bq=author%3Djohnston%252C%2520john%253B%2520carter %252C%2520nick%26title%3Dstrong%2520by%2520night%2 520history%2520and%2520memories%2520of%2520no%2E14 9%2520east%2520india%2520squadron%2520royal%2520ai r%2520force%25201918%252F19%2520%2D%25201937%252F5 6)offering a copy at present:
Literaticus (copy at 60 pounds)
and Martin Bott (copy at 40 pounds)
plus P&P in each case.

Air Britain does offer 2nd hand listings, avail to members and public. No copy at present.
Keep an eye on https://air-britain.com/web/books-2nd/

If neither offer appeals, the British Library certainly has a copy.
https://explore.bl.uk/primo_library/libweb/action/display.do?tabs=moreTab&ct=display&fn=search&doc=BLL01008785531&indx=1&recIds=BLL01008785531&recIdxs=0&elementId=0&renderMode=poppedOut&displayMode=full&frbrVersion=&vid=BLVU1&mode=Advanced&vl(297891293UI0)=sub&tab=local_tab&vl(297891307UI3)=all_items&dscnt=0&scp.scps=scope%3A%28BLCONTENT%29&vl(freeText0)=Great%20Britain.%20Royal%20Air%20For ce.%20East%20India%20Squadron%2C%20149&vl(1UIStartWith0)=exact&dstmp=1678574073253
You'll need a reader tcket to visit and see the book - the BL is not a lending library.
An alternative is the InterLibrary Loan Service, via your local library. A fee will apply.

Have you already looked at the 149 Squadron Operations Record Book at the National Archives?
Free to download both the (monthly) Summary of Events Form 540, the (daily) Record of Events (Form 541) and any Appendices
Preview watermarked copies for free - you only need reg your email to download unmarked digital images of whatever periods you choose
In Discovery, here's the summary panel - just follow your nose through the three subsets on the right.

PS: as the subject is a request about an already published book it might have been better placed and had more views in the General

Andrew W Clark
12th March 2023, 19:13
Don, I really appreciate all the useful information provided which I will follow up on.

Point noted on posting General.

Merci mille fois