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Henk Welting
18th October 2008, 14:37
What were the places of death registration for:

LAC (Pilot u/t) Charles H. BOOTH - 1375075;
F/O William J. GARDINER - 63626 - CWGC: 194 Sqn (sqn.numbering doubtful because 194 Sqn was formed at Lahore, India, not before 14-10-1942);
Sgt (Pilot) Richard G. HOWE - 968181 - 65 Sqn (Kirton-in-Lindsey, Lincolnshire);
Cpl (WAAF) Rowena HULTON - 888042, and
P/O (Pilot) James YOUNG - 67645.

Proposed aircraft losses for this day:

Audax I - K7327 - 1 FTS - crashed on take-off Stormy Down.
Hurricane I - V6668 - 59 OTU - crashed in forced landing Ivegill, near Southwaite, Cumberland.
Hurricane IIB - Z3391 - 257 Sqn - collided with Anson near Aylsham, Norfolk.
Master I - N7925 - 5 FTS - crashed on approach Ternhill, Shropshire.
Master I - N8003 - 8 FTS - crashed on approach mile W of Edzell/Kincardineshire.
Master I - T8469 - 9 FTS - crashed in forced landing Naunton Farm, near Severn Stoke, Worcestershire.
Oxford I - R6092 - 2 CFS - spun into ground Stock Park, Shuckburough, Warwickshire.
Oxford II - N4846 - 3 FTS - crashed on approach 1 mile NE of Bibury.
Whitley I - K7208 - AW and A&AEE - crashed on take-off Staverton.

Regards and thanks for your help.

18th October 2008, 14:51
No.5 FTS:

June 26th 1941, 1375075 LAC Booth, C.H., a pupil pilot of No.60 Course, was killed in a flying accident.

I don't an entry from the 8 FTS ORB, it doesn't mean there wasn't one, just I don't have a copy of it.

The only entry I had from the 59 OTU ORB was the one I have already posted for the 25th June.

18th October 2008, 15:16
Booth as pointed out by Alan, stalled turning into wind on approach at Tern Hill and crashed on the East boundary.

Cheers, Tom

18th October 2008, 15:33
I have Young on the Oxford R6092.



Henk Welting
18th October 2008, 16:05
Thanks friends for this quick reply. Dick for sure will follow with the places of death registration.

18th October 2008, 16:24
Hi Henk
Booth,21 registered at Whitchurch which ties in with the info from Al and Tom. He was registered in the 3rd Qtr so it may have been delayed by an inquiry
Gardiner,46, is registered at Birmingham and buried at Solihull which is part of the city and was near where his wife was from. CWGC do not have an age and they put him on 194 Sqn, which is a small problem as Jefford has the Sqn as not formed until Oct'42 in Lahore, India.Perhaps more info needed on him.
Young,21, registered at Southam, Warwickshire which is right for Shuckborough.
Rowena Hulton was not on the register but CWGC has her as buried in Scotland and she may have died there
Sorry Henk I missed one -Howe, 23 is registered at Maidstone Kent,which is a long way from Kirton-in Lindsay

18th October 2008, 17:18

Rowena HULTON's death, aged 44 of natural causes, is registered in Inverness.



7th December 2008, 14:19
Hi Henk

I suggest Gardiner was in 914 (Balloon) Sqn which was based in Birmingham.

Malcolm Barrass

Henk Welting
7th December 2008, 15:40
Thanks Malcolm. 914 Sqn sounds better than 194 Sqn ! Amended my files. 914 Sqn was 6 Balloon Centre, location of the sqn Northfield.

8th December 2008, 06:54
Hurricane IIB- Z3391- 257 Sqn-collided with Anson near Aylsham, Norfolk.

A Yank in the RAF. Filming of RAF Spitfires in the air and on the ground for this 20th Century-Fox, Hollywood feature took place in the UK in the summer of 1941. After the first camera crew, Ronald Neame, Jack Hildyard and Guy Green, had to leave to film 'One of Aircraft is Missing', a second crew, including Otto Kanturek and Jack Parry, took over. On 26th June 1941, while airborne three miles south west of Aylsham, Norfolk. Kanturek and Parry lost their lives when Hawker Hurricane 2B, Z3391 from 257 Squadron at RAF Coltishall, collided with their plane, Coastal Command Avro Anson N9732 from 500 Squadron at Bircham Newton. Otto Kanturek's remains were interred in Scottow Cemetery adjacent to Coltishall airfield but his age is given as 42 years and this is probably incorrect as he is alleged to have been a cameraman since 1913.

The above information has been supplied by the Department of Research of the Royal Air Force Museum, Hendon, Middlesex.

From an unsourced note in 257 Squadron file.

The pilot of the 500 Sqn Anson was 754618 Sgt E W J Polden. See: CCL1/133.

The identity of the 257 Sqn Hurricane pilot, who is believed to have baled out safely, is unknown to me.

Kanturek and Parry both lie in St Faith's and Aylsham, Rural District (Cemetery ?).


8th December 2008, 09:57
If Kanturek and Parry are on CWGC as Civilian War Dead then they do not record the cemetery, only the District Council within who's boundaries they are buried

8th December 2008, 10:40

Thanks for that helpful explanation.


14th November 2009, 17:18
LAC (Pilot u/t) Charles H. BOOTH - 1375075; KOAS
F/O William J. GARDINER - 63626 - Not found in Flight archives.
Sgt (Pilot) Richard G. HOWE - 968181 - KOAS
Cpl (WAAF) Rowena HULTON - 888042, DOAS listing
P/O (Pilot) James YOUNG - 67645. Can't find in Flight archives.

An Otto Kanturek aged 41, Director of Photography, arrived in Liverpool on the ship, Hektoria on 31st May 1941. he was from Czeckoslovakia per the shipping manifest. Also arrived in 1936 and 1940, ages being 36 and 40 resp so the age on CWGC and theh death index looks correct. Wife/partner must be Edith Kanturek.

28th February 2021, 23:59
UPGRADE to Rowena Hullton 888042, a clerk GD attached to HQ Number 14 Group, she Died in Inverness northern infirmary of cancer of the bile duct

2nd June 2021, 16:53
Philip Gordon James 517265 , attached to 10 MU, died in RAF Hospital, Hullavington from the effects of a suicidal hanging