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Don Clark
7th September 2023, 00:21
And Franek's latest book:

Franciszek Grabowski Skalski: Against All Odds - The First Allied Ace of the Second World War (Fonthill Media 2021)

Freely available, from Fonthill, Amazon (Kindle), and via usual dealers new & second-hand (multiple listings at bookfinder.com, eg) all at reasonable prices.

Amazon blurb:

A gripping and detailed account on the career of General Stanislaw Skalski, VM & bar, KW & 3 bars, DSO, DFC & 2 bars, the leading Polish fighter ace. Skalski gallantly served from the first day of the Second World War, becoming the first ace of the conflict, and continued his service through the Battle of Britain, Channel offensive, Tunisian & Italian campaigns, and Normandy landings. He finished the war on staff positions. Returning to communist Poland, he was duly arrested on charges of spying on behalf of Great Britain, and sentenced to death. He was not executed, and after spending eight years in prison, he rejoined service, to fly MiG-15 jet fighters. He continued his service at non-flying positions, and following retirement, he was involved in popularizing aviation as well as in politics. The story is based on a number of documents, many of them published here for the first time and in most cases previously unavailable to the English reader.

Hope it is doing well, Franek.

2017 first publication date, not 2021, according to FGs own post here, missed in my quick check:
2021 listing error, apparently.

Franek Grabowski
7th September 2023, 13:56
Hardback is sold out, now softback is available, so not bad me thinks.
A preview of the book is available on Googlebooks, so a one may have a sneak peak, and decide if to get the book.
Several documents not available at TNA are fully quoted, like Battle of Britain combat reports missing from the collection. Actually, all combat reports are fully quoted, including those from the Polish Campaign, as well as several other documents, including those from trial of Skalski. As such it is a bit unique, especially as there are extremely few books on the general topic in English.
Overall, I think that the book might be interesting for those interested not only in the Polish Air Force, but also WWII in general or Stalinism and its effect on exile soldiers.

Don Clark
7th September 2023, 22:43
Ah, softback: that'd account for the 2021 publish date.

Appreciate the added detail, what a career...

Thanks, Franek.