View Full Version : Individual letters Blenheim N3541 and N3542 of 235 Squadron

Hans Nauta
24th October 2008, 11:23
Dear all,

Blenheim N3541 and N3542 were the two surviving Blenheims of the disastrous recce on 27th June 1940. N3541 was lost some weeks later at 18th July 1940.

I'm trying to match the individual letters of these a/c which were LA-E and LA-T, but I've no idea which letter belongs to which serial.

Hope somebody has this on file and perhaps the loss of N3541 may be a clue to its letter, which automatically should indicate the other one's letter.

Thanks in advance for your effort,

Hans Nauta

P.S. I've already consulted Coastal Command Losses for N3541, no letter mentioned.