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Henk Welting
25th October 2008, 14:09
What were the places of death registration for:

F/Lt (Pilot) Alan C. DIER - 40090;
LAC (Pilot u/t) Ian S. FORBES - 655051 (from Australia);
P/O Horace G. GILLILAND - MC - 62043;
LAC (Pilot u/t) Herbert R.B. HEARNE - 1380334;
AC2 Charles L. HOARE - 1193470;
LAC (Cadet) Leslie L. KINGSTON - 1377785;
Cpl Leslie D.W. MILLER - 610335 (from Canada) - 7 BC, 918 (Balloon) Sqn, (Alvaston, Derby), and
P/O Hugh S. WYNNE - 79261.

Proposed aircraft losses for this day:

Magister I - L5984 - 24 EFTS - crashed and destroyed by fire; no further details.
Master I - T8746 - 59 OTU - flew into ground near Kirkpatrick, Dumfries.
Master I - T8877 - 8 FTS - crashed on approach ½ mile N of Montrose, Angus.
Oxford I - P9040 - 54 OTU - crashed on landing Church Fenton, Yorkshire.
Oxford II - P8987 - 2 FTS - crashed in forced landing near Brize Norton, Oxfordshire.
Tiger Moth II - N5453 - 14 EFTS - abandoned 1 mile S of Shustoke, Warwickshire.
Tiger Moth II - R5193 - 9 EFTS - spun into ground 1½ mile NE of Ansty, Warwickshire.
Tiger Moth II - T7113 - 24 EFTS - damaged byond repair in accident; no further details.

Regards and thanks for your help.

25th October 2008, 14:32
I have the following from the ORBs:

No.8 FTS

July 7th 1941, “1377785 LAC Kingston, L.L. killed in Master T8877. Aircraft glided into sea.
Investigation held Wing Commander E.W. Simpson on 9th July 1941.”

No.53 OTU

July 7th 1941, “Sgt Goldberg and Sgt Manuel killed in flying accident.”

No.54 OTU

July 7th 1941, “At 2350 hours, there was an accident involving Oxford aircraft No.9040 S/Ldr M.R. Moon was giving dual instruction to a pupil, P/O V.H. Hunt. On landing for a second time, P/O hunt braked to correct a swing and the aircraft nosed over. Neither of the occupants were injured.”

The 59 OTU Master was recorded on the 8th in the 15 EFTS ORB, they were operating Kirkpatrick as a Relief Landing Ground.

July 8th 1941, “Accident to Magister R1848 at Kirkpatrick R.L.G. – Pilot LAC Craddock A.E. misjudging approach and overshooting. Accident to Magister V1081 at Greenquarries Farm Dalston. Pilot Cpl Peszynski, M. Killed – Cause of accident unknown.”

I don't have anything from the 59 OTU ORB.

25th October 2008, 14:35
Hi Henk,

N5453 - no one from your list.
07/07/1941 Tiger Moth N5453 of 14 EFTS was abandoned after becoming uncontrollable near Shustoke. Lt T McVey Royal Navy was injured.

R5139 - LAC Forbes
07/07/1941 Tiger Moth R5193 of 9 EFTS spun into the ground at Brinklow. LAC I S Forbes was killed.



Henk Welting
25th October 2008, 15:26
Thanks Al & Pavel.
Al: 53 OTU: GOLDBERG was on Spitfire X4024 and MANUEL on X4607.

25th October 2008, 15:40
Hi Henk
Dier,21 and Hearne,21, registered at Luton which was where 24 EFTS was based from 22.7.40.(Sturtivant)
Forbes,25, registered at Rugby which would be the right area for Ansty,Warwickshire
Gilliland,50,registered at Edmonton, Middlesex, (N London)
Hoar(no E on the register),19, registered at Saffron Walden,Essex
Miller,,22,registered at Blackpool, Lancashire. That is a long way from his Unit which is on CWGC and they have his parents as from Sittingbourne ,Kent, and he is buried in Faversham,Kent
Kingston you have from Al and he is buried in Scotland where the FTS was based
CWGC have Wynne as Wynne-Edwards, but he doesn't appear on the England/Wales register

25th October 2008, 19:19

Canadians in the Royal Air Force Les Allison

Miller Leslie Dudley Cpl 610335 was born at Toronto in 1919 and enlisted in March 1938. He served with 918 Balloon Squadron and drowned on July 7 1941. He is buried at Faversham, Kent.


Henk Welting
26th October 2008, 13:50
Thanks Dick and Mark for additional info.
Mark: I've 'They Shall Grow Not Old' (Allison) on the book shelve.

Henk Welting
26th October 2008, 13:51
......................and also Allison's 'Canadians in the RAF'.


16th November 2009, 19:03
F/Lt (Pilot) Alan C. DIER - 40090; KOAS listed.
LAC (Pilot u/t) Ian S. FORBES - 655051 (from Australia); KOAS listed
P/O Horace G. GILLILAND - MC - 62043; DOAS listed
LAC (Pilot u/t) Herbert R.B. HEARNE - 1380334; KOAS in same list as Dier but printed as "LAC H R Hearne"
AC2 Charles L. HOARE - 1193470; DOAS listed
LAC (Cadet) Leslie L. KINGSTON - 1377785; KOAS listed
Cpl Leslie D.W. MILLER - 610335 DOAS listed
P/O Hugh S. WYNNE-EDWARDS - 79261. KOAS listed and Flight printed his second initial as F.

There is a 32 year old Hugh S W Edwards listed in Ampthill district, Bedfordshire

16th November 2009, 19:33
Hi Henk

Miller was serving with No 918 Sqn and was drowned, off Harrowside in Blackpool whilst trying to rescue someone.


23rd December 2012, 12:08
"1193470 A/C Hoare received fatal injuries while attending a bathing parade at Saffron Walden swimming baths.

Hoare dived from the top board, struck his head on the bottom of the baths and sustained a fractured skull. He died two hours afterwards in the local hospital"

From No.52 OTU ORB.


phill jones
29th December 2012, 19:31
MASTER T8746 59 OTU , Flew into ground in Bad vis heavy drizzle and low cloud , Pilot Killed

1177546 Sgt DEB Augustus , From 1180 .

phill Jones

29th September 2017, 16:48

F/Lt (Pilot) Alan C. DIER - 40090 -and
LAC (Pilot u/t) Herbert R.B. HEARNE - 1380334 - their respective Graves Registration Report Forms confirm their unit as 24 E.F.T.S.

P/O Horace G. GILLILAND - MC - 62043 - died at Chase Farm Hospital, Enfield.

P/O Hugh S. WYNNE-EDWARDS - the Yorkshire Post of July 9th 1941 reported that he died in a "flying accident while serving with the R.A.F."



3rd January 2023, 22:01
Horace Gray Gilliand 62043, aged 51, attached to RAF Bentley Priory, died in Chase Farm Hospital of broncho pneumonia secondary to carcinoma of the lung

10th February 2023, 15:24
Peter Seiger Sowerby 103664 I and Thomas Hastie Kelsall 402509 both attached to Number 22 SFTS I were killed when Harvard N 7178 crashed 7 miles North North West of Gwelo being completely wrecked and burnt.

They were not killed in a Tiger Moth as stated in this database