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Henk Welting
29th October 2008, 10:43
What were the places of death registration for:

AC1 Raymond FAULKNER - 701979;
LAC William HAMPTON - 862716 - 12 BC, 930 (Balloon) sqn (Southampton);
Cpl Edward A. HARRISON - 355746, and
Cpl Harold B. TOLSTON - 514709.

Proposed aircraft losses for this day:

Battle I - P6571 - RAF Binbrook - crashed in forced landing on Wainfleet Sands, Lincolnshire.
Oxford I - V3192 - 14 FTS - damaged byond repair in accident; no further details.

Regards and thanks for your help.

29th October 2008, 11:11
Hi Henk
Faulkner,23,registered at Oxford
Hampton,40, registered at Aylesbury. He is buried at Halton so may be connected to Apprentice Training or died in the RAF Hospital
Harrison,46, registered at Bethnal Green, E London
Tolson,28, registered at Coventry, Warwickshire

Henk Welting
29th October 2008, 11:50
As ever, thanks Dick.

16th November 2009, 20:49
Death status from Fligth magazine archives

DOAS - AC1 Raymond FAULKNER - 701979;
DOAS LAC William HAMPTON - 862716 - 12 BC, 930 (Balloon) sqn (Southampton);
Not found Cpl Edward A. HARRISON - 355746, and
DOAS Cpl Harold B. TOLSON - 514709. Name appears to be printed as Telson

22nd March 2021, 20:30
Williams Stanley Evans 1303366, was seriously injured in an Air raid at Maaten Bagush, dying in hospital from his wounds and basal pneumonia

27th March 2023, 21:10
Raymond Faulkner 701979 | attached to 10 OTU | was dangerously injured in a road accident at 15:00 Hours near Abingdon, dying in the Radcliffe Infirmary Oxford