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6th November 2008, 17:46
My book on the Skoda works raid April 16/17th 1943 subtitled 'A shaky do' ,has been published for several months and many on the forum have copies.

There is a review in Autumn 2008 issue of Bomber command association newsletter.

The book deals in detail with the raid and draws on information gathered from 36 veterans of the raid who were interviewed or corresponded with. Many other sources such as log books, combat reports, ops records and national archives and eye witnesses were consulted.

The book is 256 pages acetate front card/backed A4, with 90 plus photos (and lists every crew and aircraft of the 327 which took part.

Steve Stephens 106 sqn veteran gives the following review;

"The mass of detail has been converted into a clear presentation which concentrates on
individual aircraft and the time at which they were attacked. A reader finds he is following the track of the raid and progressing hour by hour towards the target as if he were a part of the operation. He is also aware of the constant threat of attack from fighters and flak supported by searchlights; and the breathtaking suddenness of the strikes on aircraft and the devastating consequences for their crews.

The arrival over the target area reveals the total impossibility of identifying the aiming point and the adjoining areas. Like so many others, my bombs were dropped 7 miles from the aiming point. The simple explanation for this error was the absence of definition when we all depended on visual examination. The Pathfinders were not able to employ H2S as intended because of equipment failures and other problems, and they suffered the same frustrations as main force crews.

Apart from Peter Cunliffe’s outstanding presentation of this raid as a one-off happening, you should read this book because it delves into so many aspects of a raid that it gives a comprehensive picture of a typical operation by Bomber Command squadrons. The failure to identify the target was an exceptional case.

I am pleased to commend this book to all who find the war time activities of Bomber Command worthy of their attention, and to new generations who might come across them for the first time.

A long time ago I was Squadron Leader C.V. Stevens D.F.C. of 106 and 189 squadrons Bomber Command."

If anyone requires further details please contact me on e-mail avro 683 AT hotmail DOT co.uk (no gaps in address-replace obvious charachters)

Thanks, Peter