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Henk Welting
8th November 2008, 13:20
What were the places of death registration for:

LAC (WOp u/t) Victor E.G. BURT - 1192945;
AC2 John R. EVANS - 1330061;
P/O (Pilot) Fred A. GROVE - 100517 (from USA);
AC2 Joseph LUSK - 1367063;
AC2 Robert SEMPLE - 119517;
AC1 Joseph SHAW - 1118200, and
P/O (Pilot) Robert D. WILBER - 101463 (from USA).

Proposed aircraft losses for this day:

Magister I - R1968 - 15 EFTS - crashed on overshoot Kingstown.
Oxford I - V3885 - 11 FTS - crashed on take-off near Wellington, Shropshire.
Spitfire I - X4720 - 53 OTU - crashed in forced landing Porthcawl Golf Course, Glamorganshire.
Oxford II - AB689 - 12 FTS - crashed on approach at night Barkston LG.

Regards and thanks for your help.

8th November 2008, 14:13
Hi Henk
Burt,20,is registetred at Wellington,Shropshire
Evans,19,registered at Cardigan N,Wales
Grove, registered at Fakenham, Norfolk
Shaw 31, is registered at Bridgend S Wales
I couldn't find any of the others but from CWGC it seems likely that Lusk and Semple may have died in Scotland

Henk Welting
8th November 2008, 15:07
Thanks Dick; assume that LAC BURT may have been on Oxford V3885.

8th November 2008, 15:31

Semple, together with Gilbert Lloyd Holloway and George Swindley, were killed in a motor accident at or near Port Ellen, Islay.

I will send you a pm re Lusk.



8th November 2008, 16:38
Hi Henk,

Burt was indeed the solo pupil pilot on Oxford V3885. He was killed during single engine flying at Admaston, near Wellington. CWGC for some reason has him as a W/Op u/t?

Cheers, Tom

17th November 2009, 20:06
KOAS LAC (WOp u/t) Victor E.G. BURT - 1192945;
DOAS AC2 John R. EVANS - 1330061;
KOAS P/O (Pilot) Fred A. GROVE - 100517 (from USA);
AC2 Joseph LUSK - 1367063; Not found in FLight archives, registered in Scotland but I guess you have the details already.
DOAS AC2 Robert SEMPLE - 119517; Rank AC1 on RAF Casualty list
AC1 Joseph SHAW - 1118200, Can't find him on non intensive search
* KOAS P/O (Pilot) Robert R. WILBER - 101463 (from USA). Note middle initial R, REGISTER in FAkenham district, Norfolk

Martyn A Critchlow
17th November 2009, 20:25
I have seen GROVE possibly linked to Master I, N7510 of No 56 OTU, which crashed into the Wash after losing a wing.


Henk Welting
18th November 2009, 10:25
Thanks Martyn for the possible link of Master N7510 to GROVE.
Thanks Dennis for your contineous support on the death registrations and other info.

25th September 2017, 18:23

P/O (Pilot) Fred A. GROVE - 100517 and
P/O (Pilot) Robert R. WILBER - 101463 - their respective Graves Registration Report Forms list them both as being with 56 O.T.U.



4th May 2021, 15:46
John Rhys Evans 1330061 , attached to Number 6 ITW , died in Aberystwyth hospital of an accidental revolver gun shot wound inflicted on the 18th May

18th February 2022, 17:05
Joseph Shaw 118200 , attached to SHQ RAF St. Athan , was admitted to the station hospital on 19 July where he died of mediastinitis with his wife , of Huxley Street, Oldham, at his bedside