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Henk Welting
10th November 2008, 17:26
What were the places of death registration for:

Sgt (Pilot) Neil BROOK - 1062111;
Sgt (Pilot) Arthur INNES - 1376165;
Sgt (Wop/Ag) Brynbmor JONES - 1006261;
LAC George W.A. KIRBY - 327242, and
AC2 Maurice WHITEHEAD - 1131622.

Proposed aircraft losses for this day as a possible match:

Hurricane I - N2621 - 56 OTU - dived into ground 6 miles E of Downham Market, Norfolk.
Magister I - L8129 - 5 EFTS - crashed on take-off Meir.
Oxford I - V3987 - 54 OTU - crashed on take-off at night Church Fenton, Yorkshire.
Oxford II - V3685 - 2 FTS - shot down by night fighter 2 miles NE of Akeman Street (on this a/c already as a casualty: LAC [Pilot u/t] R.S. SMITH - 1378993).

Regards and thanks for your help.

10th November 2008, 17:55
Hi Henk
Brook,19, registered at York,
Brynmor Jones,20, registered at Wigton, Cumberland,
Kirby,38, registered at Ely,Cambridgeshire(?illness in the RAF Hospital)
Whitehead,30, registered at Cleveland N Yorkshire
Innes didn't come up on the register

10th November 2008, 17:58
Sgt Brook died as a result of crashing in Oxford V3987.

July 28th 1941, “There was a fatal accident at 02.25 hours a few miles away from the
aerodrome. No.1062111 Sgt N. Brook, crashed in Oxford V3987. He apparently omitted to
uncage his directional gyro before taking off, and flew into the ground. The aircraft was
completely written off; Sgt Brook was very dangerously injured and taken to York Military
Hospital where he died soon afterwards.”

10th November 2008, 20:09
Henk, Innes is in the Downham register spelled as 'Inns' , ergo the Hurricane.



Ken MacLean
10th November 2008, 21:16

Sgt. A. INNS, KOAS, 8 October 1941 list. This would be your INNES as there were only three fatal RAF casualties during WW2 named INNS and they occurred in 1943 and 1944.

LAC G.W.A. Kirby and AC2 M. Whitehead DOAS.

Sgt. B. Jones not found.

Henk Welting
11th November 2008, 14:08
Thanks friends for all your worthwhile info; will amend my files.

17th November 2009, 20:29
Sgt B Jones KOAS Sep 18th Flight magazine.

3rd June 2012, 13:48
Hi Henk,

F1180 for a Hudson from No.6 OTU at Thornaby has Hudson P5138 as hitting a dispersal on single engine landing practice.
1 killed 5 injured (all third party , ie not on board the aircraft).

I would link the fatality to AC1 Leonard R.J. BUXTON - 909809 - killed on active service from the death registration location.


phill jones
3rd June 2012, 19:02
Henk, The Unit ORB , Confirms that 1376165 Sgt A Inns killed 28/7/41 In Hurricane N2626 ?? Note Serial must be a mistake in Unit ORB as this Aircraft did not serve at 56 OTU ? But N2621 did .

phill jones

3rd June 2012, 20:18

Buxton was killed on 19 Feb 1941 and registered in Louth I've got him on L3379 with Powell?


3rd June 2012, 20:47
Hi Malcolm,

Quite right my cut and paste did not pick up the correct man and was still loaded with my previous post answer.

Should be Whitehead.


23rd June 2015, 17:03
Sgt A Innes (also spelt Inns) was my father's brother. The Air Historical Branch confirmed he was flying N2621 when he was killed. He was with 56 OTU and left a widow and two young daughters.

30th September 2017, 14:18

Sgt (Wop/Ag) Brynmor JONES - 1006261 - the Graves Registration Report Form gives his unit as 1 (C) O.T.U.



21st July 2021, 22:29
George William Alfred Kirby 327242 , attached to SHQ at RAF Mildenhall, was admitted to RAF Hospital Ely at 01:10 hours, dying at 03:15 hours of concussion and multiple fractures. I have not yet discovered the cause

8th September 2022, 23:15
George William Alfred Kirby 327242 , was admitted seriously ill to RAF Hospital at 01:00 following a collision between his motorcycle and a civilian car , where he died at 03:15 Hours of concussion and multiple fractures