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Henk Welting
12th November 2008, 09:26
What were the places of death registration for:

Cpl Charles GARWOOD - 634577;
Cpl Alexander B. GOLDIE - 981009;
P/O (Pilot) Elijah HENSON - 85928, and
F/Sgt Edwin LEACH - 346960.

Proposed aircraft losses for this day:

Blenheim IV - Z7646 - 18 MU - flew into high ground 8 miles N of Innerleithen, Peebleshire.
Botha I - L6293 - 4 AOS - crashed in forced landing 2 miles NNE of Creetown, Kirkcudbrightshire.
Master I - T8346 - 5 FTS - crashed on approach Peplow.
Oxford II - T1064 - 54 OTU - shot down by night fighter Saxton Grange, Yorkshire (already as casualty on this a/c: Sgt C.C. WOODWARD - 1057420).
Oxford I - P1938 - 11 FTS - abandoned near Shawbury.
Oxford II - V3672 - 14 FTS - crashed on overshoot Cranfield.
Oxford II - V6619 - 8 FTS - crashed on overshoot Windrush (already as casualty on this a/c: LAC W.B. CHRISTIE - 1071668, death registered at Cirencester).
Roc I - L3071 - 2 AACU - crashed on landing Gosport.
Tiger Moth II - T7225 - 25 PEFTS (Polish ?) - crashed in forced landing 8 miles N of Nuneaton.

Regards and thanks for your help.

12th November 2008, 10:31

Hanson was on the Blenheim at Innerleithen, no other casualty listed in this a/c,



12th November 2008, 11:01
Oxford II - T1064 - 54 OTU

Pilot - Sgt Cedric C Woodward killed



12th November 2008, 11:08
Henk, could you please check the serial Oxford II V6619, as this is listed as a Hurricane


12th November 2008, 13:36
Oxford Serial is W6619 but is this 6 FTS not 8 FTS?

Henk Welting
12th November 2008, 15:01
Thanks friends.
Amrit: Indeed W6619 and 6 FTS as mentioned by Paul; both typo's from this side (excusez moi).

Ken MacLean
12th November 2008, 15:50

Cpl's C. Garwood and A.B. Goldie both DOAS in Times lists. F/Sgt. E. Leach not found.

Cheers from a sunny and cold Ottawa, where I have just put out 9 (nine) huge bags of maple leaves for composter pickup.

Henk Welting
12th November 2008, 16:16
Thanks Ken for info on GARWOOD and GOLDIE. Gatineau still colourful ?

12th November 2008, 16:33
I only have the entry from the 54 OTU ORB for this date.

July 30th 1941, “At 00.50 hours am Oxford aircraft No.T1064, was shot down by an enemy aircraft while carrying out a training exercise. The Oxford was at 3000 feet with navigation lights on. No enemy aircraft were plotted or believed to be in the neighbourhood, but machine gun fire was heard before the crash and gun fire was seen to strike the Oxford. Examination of the crash subsequently confirmed that the Oxford was shot down. The pilot No.1057420 Sgt C.C. Woodward was unfortunately killed. The aircraft exploded and was completely destroyed.”

13th November 2008, 09:30
Hi Henk
Garwood,21, registered at Leigh , Lancashire
Leach, 40. registered at Surrey Mid East
Both Goldie and Henson are buried in Scotland and may have died there. Dave W has indicated this for Henson.

Henk Welting
13th November 2008, 10:30
Thanks Al and Dick for additional info.

17th November 2009, 20:45
DOAS Cpl Alexander B. GOLDIE - 981009; - There is an Alexander Brian Goldie age 21 registered in brodick district, Buteshire

P/O (Pilot) Elijah HENSON - 85928, Blenheim there is a P/O E H Henson listed KOAS, no matching name on CWGC
F/Sgt Edwin LEACH - 346960. Surrey M E not found in Flight achives

25th September 2017, 18:14

Cpl Charles GARWOOD - 634577 - the Liverpool Echo of July 31st 1941 reported the following:

A collision late last night at the bend of the Warrington road, Newton, near Leigh, resulted in two airmen being so seriously injured that they died at the Leigh Infirmary.
Coporal Charles Garwood, aged 21, whose home is at 23 Cornworthy Road, Dagenham, Essex, was driving a motor-cycle with Corporal Kenneth George Gilby, aged 20, of 16 Mayeswood Road, Grove Park, London, as his pillion passenger, when they came into collision with a Leigh Corporation bus, both men being hurled to the ground.

Cpl Alexander B. GOLDIE - 981009 - the Perthshire Advertiser of August 6th 1941 reported the following:

Perth Councillor's Nephew Drowned
Corporal Alexander Bryan Goldie, R.A.F., who was drowned while bathing at Brodick, Arran, was the son of Mr. Andrew Goldie, London, chairman of directors of Messrs. Hood, Morton & Co., lace manufacturers, Newmilns, Ayrshire, and nephew of ex-Bailie James Goldie, Perth.
It is thought the accident was due to concussion caused when the young man dived from a boat. A sad feature was that his fiancee was a witness to the accident.

P/O (Pilot) Elijah HENSON - 85928 - the Graves Registration Report Form lists him as being with 18 M.U. The Statutory Deaths Register on the Scotland's People website records that he died at 11.15 a.m. about 1 mile north of Craighope Cottage, Innerleithen, due to multiple injuries received in an aeroplane crash.



6th June 2021, 10:11
Frank Brown 749624 , attached to Number 33 ASP, died in Number 6 Middle East General hospital of syncope

14th November 2022, 18:56
Edwin Leach 346960, attached to Number 3 EFTS, was admitted dangerously ill to RAF Hospital Yatesbury on 21 May. Transferred to the EMS hospital at Epsom, Surrey, he died there of carcinoma of the bronchus