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Henk Welting
16th November 2008, 14:58
What were the places of death registration for:

F/Lt (Pilot) Maurice A. GOODWIN - MiD - 39254;
Sgt Charles O. HORWOOD - 748467;
AC1 Joseph T. HUMPHREY - 1351041;
AC2 John F. MAHONEY - 1083617;
W/Cdr Philip R. ROBINSON - MiD - 3340;
F/Lt (Pilot/Instr.) John W. SMITH - 41328, and
AC1 Reginald l. YEATS - 1306506.

Any connection to following aircraft losses this day ?:

Hurricane I - N2402 - 9 FTS - crashed on landing Babdown Farm.
Magister I - N3833 - 24 ERFTS - crashed in forced landing 1 mile SE of Barton-in-the-Clay, Bedfordshire.
Oxford II - V3845 - 6 FTS - broke up in air Lasdbarrow.
Spitfire I - X4381 - 53 OTU - broke up in air Tonpentre, near Pontyprydd, Glamorganshire.
Tutor I - K3254 - CFS - crashed in forced landing Manningford LG.

Regards and thanks for your help.

16th November 2008, 15:27
F/Lt (Pilot) Maurice A. GOODWIN - MiD - 39254; Age 25, Pontypridd district Vol 11, 695
Sgt Charles O. HORWOOD - 748467; Age 24, Biggleswade District, named as Oscar C. Probably born 1916 as Oscar C. Horwood.

AC1 Joseph T. HUMPHREY - 1351041; Age 31 Gloucester R district
AC2 John F. MAHONEY - 1083617; there is a John Mahoney age 28 in Wenlock District. but our man might be listed in a later index. I don't beleive he is registered in Scotland. Note that a John F Mahoney was registered BORN in Cardiff district in Q3 1912.

W/Cdr Philip R. ROBINSON - MiD - 3340; Age 30, Ely district
F/Lt (Pilot/Instr.) John W. SMITH - 41328, there are 14 John W Smiths but only the following two are likely: (all others are over 60 years of age or age 0)
John W Smith Age 25 Cirencester district
John W Smith age 36 Edmonton District
there is perhaps NO John William in Scotland for 1941 aged between 18 and 30. But shoudl be checked all the same if someone has credits.

AC1 Reginald l. YEATS - 1306506 Reginald L Yeats age 21, Stratford District.



Ken MacLean
16th November 2008, 17:17

AC1 R.I.Yeats, AC2 J.F. Mahoney, W/C P.R. Robinson DOAS;

AC1 J.T. Humphrey Died of Wounds or Injuries Recieved on Active Service;

F/L M.A. Goodwin KOAS;

F/L Smith and Sgt Horwood not found.

16th November 2008, 22:24
No.53 OTU recorded this in their ORB F/Lt M.H. Goodwin killed in flying accident.

17th November 2008, 09:44

Hurricane P3674 of 245S fig at Newton Stewart, Tyrone, NI on this day and may account for Smith. There are five JW Smith's in the Scottish register, just one in the right age bracket. but he was a farm labourer.



Henk Welting
17th November 2008, 11:44
Thanks Ken, Al and Dave for additional info; will amend my files.

Ken MacLean
17th November 2008, 16:26

F/L J.W. Smith KOAS, FlightGlobal 18 Sept 41.

Henk Welting
18th November 2008, 10:04
Thanks Ken confirmation KOAS for F/Lt J.W. SMITH.

13th December 2008, 10:47
The one registered in Cirencester could have been flying the Hurricane of No 9 SFTS from Hullavington.

Henk Welting
13th December 2008, 16:46
Thanks Malcolm.
Dave: What's your idea about the remark of Malcolm ?

16th February 2012, 13:36
Hi Henk,

From the No.6 AOS ORB

AC1 Joseph T. HUMPHREY - 1351041

He had been injured when Staverton aerodrome was bombed at 18:45 hrs on 12th July 1941.

Killed by the bomb on the night of 12th was LAC P E Freeman 545216.


phill jones
16th February 2012, 15:10
Henk (No typo's I hope ), 1180 Confirms Goodwin In X4381 ,53 OTU , at Tonpentre nr Pontypool , 16.30 Hrs Cat A, General Training ,Starboard Wing Broke away ,Crashed into Hill .

bw phill jones

16th February 2012, 16:33
Phill, Ton Pentre is near Pontypridd. (local knowledge, my dad's home town).



Henk Welting
16th February 2012, 17:16
Thanks Dave, Ross & Phill for additional info.

26th July 2012, 11:44
I was concerned that posting this next batch of answers from the F1180s would have put Henk under too much pressure to update after his request to remove his user name.

I now post them to contine his legacy on RAF Commands.

F1180 confirms F/L J W Smith as sole fatality on Oxford V3845


18th January 2013, 19:33
For those that may wish to know;

John F Mahoney died in RAF Hospital, Cosford, as a result of Pulmonary TB.



25th November 2022, 17:39
Philip Read Robinson 33040 , attached to 2 Group, was admitted seriously ill to RAF hospital Ely on 5 July 1941, becoming dangerously ill on 6 July, where he died of acute colitis with his sister, Miss N.B.Robinson of Wilman Road, Tunbridge Wells, at his bedside

17th January 2023, 20:16
Reginald Leslie Yeats 1306506 , attached to RAF Stratford, was admitted dangerously ill to the Isolation hospital at Stratford Upon Avon on 4 August suffering with suspected cerebro spinal meningitis, dying at 04:30 Hours of acute polio encephalitis