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Henk Welting
18th November 2008, 13:07
What were the places of death registration for:

AC2 Norman I. DOWNING - 1151868;
ACW1 Peggy E. THOROGOOD - 884820;
Cpl Christopher J. WALSH - 34154;
AC2 Frederick S. WEBSTER - 1000903;
AC2 Ronald G. WHITEHEAD - 1330458, and
AC1 Alexander YOUNG - 1304211.

Proposed aircraft losses for this day:

Blenheim IV - V6320 - 5 AOS - crashed in forced landing in Peel Channel, Barrow-in-Furness.
Master II - AZ254 - 8 FTS - flew into high ground Afflechie Farm, 4 miles N of Brechin, Angus.

Also looking for the aircraft serial of a Whitley returning safe to base, probably missing one of her crew.
Sgt Richard MYERS - 1378482 - 10 Sqn (Leeming, Yorkshire) missing and commemorated on Panel 49 of the Runnymede Memorial.
It's known that 10 Sqn was involved in a raid on Kiel 8/9-8-1941.

Regards and thanks for your help.

Ken MacLean
18th November 2008, 14:10

Cpl C.J. Walsh excepted (not found) all names posted above confirmed by rank, initials and surname are DOAS in Times archive.

Henk Welting
18th November 2008, 15:21
Thanks Ken. DOAS means for me a record in db but no further research.

18th November 2008, 15:40
Hi Henk
From Warner's Blenheim, V6320, ditched in the Peel Channel. The crew were all injured and picked up. Sgt W Muir, Sgt W Bold, Sgt H Gable, U/T W'Ops, LAC W Darragh and LAC A Campbell. Campbell died on 10/8/41.
Downing,28, registered at Cambridge,
Peggy Thorogood,21,registered at Sittingbourne, Kent,
Walsh,42, registered at Liverpool N.,
Webster,21, registered at Ely,Cambridgeshire
Whitehead,26, and Young,19, are both registered at Stroud, Gloucestershire, which might connect them but not to either of your incidents

18th November 2008, 16:00
Hi Henk,

RNLI Details are:

An aeroplane had come down in the sea off Walney Island, but no trace of her crew could be seen and it was learned later that her crew had been landed. - Rewards : Barrow, 10 12s. ; Fleetwood, 10 16s.

RNLI Records of Service 1939-46


28th February 2009, 00:42
As with my post for 1-3-1941 another casualty recorded by 939 Sqn.

This time 1030919 AC2 Mason, died as a result of a motorcyle accident while on duty.

Henk Welting
28th February 2009, 11:05
Thanks Al for additional info on MASON.
Regards and good weekend,

23rd December 2012, 12:13
From the No.52 OTU ORB

"AC2 Whitehead and AC1 Young, were killed when riding on Whitehead's motor cycle. They collided with a car on the London Road, Stroud."


Martyn A Critchlow
16th January 2015, 09:05
AC2 Norman I. DOWNING - 1151868 - accidental death, killed when his motor cycle was in collision with car.
(Chelmsford Chronicle, 15 August 1941)


29th September 2017, 19:17

ACW1 Peggy E. THOROGOOD - 884820 - the Whitstable Times of August 16th 1941 reported the following:

W.A.A.F. Driver Killed and Her Companions Injured
A shocking motor accident occurred on Saturday afternoon on the Ashford Road between Copton Manor and Porter's Lane. It appears that a vauxhall car, driven by Miss Peggy Eileen Thorogood, W.A.A.F., of Newton's Farm, Rainham, Essex, was followingan army lorry coming towards Faversham and on the bend it tried to pass and crashed into a Maidstone and District bus coming in the opposite direction. Miss Thorogood was killed instantly, and her two companions, Miss Phyllis Stevens, aged 25, of Derby, and Miss Josie Harroden, aged 20, of Epple Road, Birchington, were so severely injured that they had to be removed to the Faversham Cottage Hospital.
The Coroner, summing up, said it seemed quite clear how the accident happened. He thought the car was following the lorry too closely. It was a common fault. Secondly, the driver apparently did not take sufficient precaution to see that the road was clear before attempting to pull out and pas, which was more important as it was on the bend of the road.
His verdict would be "Death by Misadventure."



21st July 2021, 22:25
Frederick Sager Webster 1000903 , attached to Number 9 Squadron, admitted on 26 July, died in RAF Hospital, Ely of aplastic anaemia

5th August 2021, 20:20
Frank Henry Crundwell died of gastro enteritis and pneumonia and was buried at sea off South Africa

10th August 2023, 17:59
Christopher John Walsh 35154 | a medically discharged RAF pensioner, died in Fazakerley Sanatorium, Liverpool, of pulmonary tuberculosis