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Henk Welting
25th November 2008, 16:56
What were the places of death registration for:

AC2 Joseph H. BOLWELL - 1313866;
LAC Leonard H. BOURNE - 1102845;
AC1 Herbert T. COLE - 1159623 - 741 Sqn (?);
P/O (Pilot) John M.E. DANIELS - 67695;
AC2 Robert HALL - 1070331;
AC2 (Wop/Obs u/t) Charles MAIR - 1074542;
AC2 Arthur R. MORGAN - 1134212;
AC1 Alexander MUNDIE - 1019049;
P/O (Nav u/t) Oliver P. PLUNKETT - 102300;
P/O (Nav u/t) Robert G. SIMPSON-HAYWARD - 102133;
LAC David G. WALKER - 1218134, and
LAC Hector F. WILKINS - 701624.

Proposed aircraft losses for this day:

Botha I - L6315 - 3 SGR - crashed on approach Squires Gate, Lancashire.
Stirling I - N3635 - RAE - crashed on take-off Boscombe Down, Wiltshire.
Tiger Moth II - T7242 - 7 EFTS - crashed on landing Desford.

Regards and thanks for your help.

25th November 2008, 17:02

(Pre-war RAFVR Conscript) 701624 LAC Hector Frank WILKINS Died 16/8/41
Age 23 New Forest !


25th November 2008, 18:20
Hi Henk
Bolwell,18, registered at Bridgend S Wales,
Bourne, 28, registered at N Walsham, Norfolk,
Cole,25, registered at Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk,
Daniels,22, registered at St Albans, Hertfordshire,
Hall, 25 registered at W Hartlepool,Durham,
Mair,21, Plunkett,26, and Simpson-Hayward,27 are all registered at Blackpool which might put them on Botha L6315. Squires Gate is Blackpool's airfield,
Mundie,29, registered at Ely,Cambridgeshire ?RAF Hospital
Walker,18, registered at Sheffield,
Wilkins you already have from Mark and Morgan didn't come up on the register,

25th November 2008, 18:41
Here is the entry from the No.3 SGR ORB confirming that Plunket, Simpson-Hayward and Mair were killed in L6315.

August 16th 1941, “Botha L6315 crashed east of aerodrome. P/O O.P. Plunkett, P/O Simson Hayward and AC2 Mair killed.”

This entry was from the No.256 Sqn ORB.

August 16th 1941, “Botha aircraft of No.3 S of G.R., Squires Gate crashed whilst coming in to land on No.1 runway. Fatal; three killed. Pilot taken to Victoria Hospital, Blackpool.”

Henk Welting
26th November 2008, 08:47
Thanks friends for this excellent and quick response.

18th November 2009, 21:08
DOAS AC2 Joseph H. BOLWELL - 1313866;
DOAS LAC Leonard H. BOURNE - 1102845;
DOAS AC1 Herbert T. COLE - 1159623 - 741 Sqn (?);
KOAS P/O (Pilot) John M.E. DANIELS - 67695;
DOAS AC2 Robert HALL - 1070331;
DOAs AC2 Arthur R. MORGAN - 1134212;
DOAS AC1 Alexander MUNDIE - 1019049;
Not found in Flight archives LAC David G. WALKER - 1218134, and
DOAS LAC Hector F. WILKINS - 701624.

AC2 (Wop/Obs u/t) Charles MAIR - 1074542; Does not appear in either list on the below dates.
P/O (Nav u/t) Oliver P. PLUNKETT - 102300; KOAS Oct 30th magazine
P/O (Nav u/t) Robert G. SIMPSON-HAYWARD - 102133; Died of Wounds, on active service (Oct 9th magazine)

5th April 2010, 10:35

AC2 Arthur Ronald Morgan 1134212 aged 20 : Lerwick, Shetland.

Best wishes


5th April 2010, 11:43
Hi Henk,

I have Daniels on Magister L8232


Henk Welting
5th April 2010, 13:14
Thanks Douglas & Ross.
Ross: Magister L8232 was in my files however only with the name of F/O (Fl.Instr.) Harold B.L. HOUGH - 79548.

Martyn A Critchlow
19th January 2015, 20:06
LAC David G. WALKER - 1218134 - died in hospital in Sheffield, following a road accident in East Yorkshire.
(Yorkshire Post, 23 August 1941)


30th September 2017, 11:46

AC1 Herbert T. COLE - 1159623 - the National Probate Calendar records that he died at West Suffolk Hospital, Bury St. Edmunds.

AC2 Robert HALL - 1070331 - an announcement in the Norther Daily Mail, August 18th, states that he died at Howbeck Hospital, Hartlepool.

AC2 Arthur R. MORGAN - 1134212 - the Statutory Deaths Register on the Scotland's People website records that he died at 0.10 a.m. at the Station Hospital, Lerwick, due to tubercolous meningitis.

AC1 Alexander MUNDIE - 1019049 - the Aberdeen Weekly Journal of August 21st 1941 carried the following announcement:

MUNDIE - at a hospital, on Saturday 16th August 1941 (result of an accident), A/C 1 Alexander Mundie, aged 29, late of Smith, Shoe Lane, Aberdeen, dearly beloved husband of Isabella Peters, and son of Mr. and Mrs. John Mundie.



4th May 2021, 17:27
Joseph Henry Bolwell 1313866, died in RAF Hospital St. Athan of heart faliure

22nd July 2021, 19:31
Alexander Mundie 1019049, attached to RAF Honnington, died in RAF Hospital Ely, of severe overall burns having been admitted at 23:00 hours on 14 August

14th November 2021, 01:45
Leonard Henry Bourne 1102845 , attached to RAF Coltishall, was killed at the airfield in an accident involving fire tender RMC 368

13th January 2022, 18:16
George Howsam 1355290 ,attached to 253 AMES, died in hospital of diptheria

9th February 2022, 15:04
David Smith 1370935 , was involved in an argument with two WAAF outside the Red Lion Pub in Kneesworth at 22:20 Hours on 14 August when a civillian car driven by Willam Rushden approached slowly and in the centre of the road , Smith was told to getvoutvof the road by Airmen present but he was intoxicated and wanted to fight, he threw blows and the two WAAF but stumbled and was stuck by the passing car. Admitted to SSQ at Bassingbourne and then to Addenbrooks hospital , he died of severe cereberal lacerations.

He was NOT fatally injured in an air raid as stated in this database

7th November 2022, 14:47
Hector Frank Wilkins 701624 , attached fo Number 12 Balloon Centre, was killed in a road traffic accident

30th November 2022, 18:04
Robert Hall 1070331 , attached to 53 OTU, died at home on leave at Stockton Street, West Hartlepool, of tubercular meningitis with his Mother, Mrs. B.E. Hall present. His body was taken to West Hartlepool Howbeck Infirmary